70th birthday of Kees

26On the 21st of April, our parishioner Kees Broers celebrated his 70th anniversary with a celebration in Het Brandpunt, Amersfoort. For this celebration were invited the Sri Lankan community of Amersfoort, the English Mass Utrecht community, and also some members of the choir were present. Fr. Herman Lieberom was the presiding celebrant. Happy birthday Kees and many more years to come!

Check the photo album here: 


Save Cynthia

One of our parishioners asked us to share a fund raising campaign for Cynthia Dawie, a Syrian refugee in the Netherlands, 20 years old, who is in need of donations for a heart implant.


Since the funding website is in Dutch, we leave here a translation:

“Save Cynthia

20 year old Cynthia Dawie from Syria has a heart that no longer functions properly. The only option that the doctor has recommended is a heart implant.

Cynthia studies interior and decoration in the university. As child, Cynthia suffered from cancer. After many treatments this problem disappeared, but her heart got weaker throughout the years, and now reached a point where it no longer works properly. The only salvation is a heart implant!

Save Cynthia Dawie thorugh a contribution and doing so you will let Cynthia once again laugh and study further, with a new heart to fulfill her dreams.”

The donations can be done through the website below or to:

Cynthia’s uncle – Sobhi Dawie


Bank account: NL22RABO0328775339

And with the description: DONATIE

Feast of the Ascension

ascensionThis Thursday, the 10th of May, the Catholic Church celebrates the Ascension of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, in the Netherlands known as Hemelvaartsdag.
It’s a holiday in the Netherlands and also a day of obligation.
Unfortunately our community does not celebrate a mass in English for this occasion.
You can however attend a mass in Dutch in the St. Catherine Cathedral at 10:30. Other option is the evening before (the 9th) at 19:00, also in Dutch.