Invitation for a reunion celebration of baptisms of Catholic Utrecht

baptismFor all children that were baptized in the parishes of Utrecht in 2017 and 2018 there will be a short celebration in Saint Nicolaas – Monica church, Boerhaaveplein 199, 3552CT Utrecht on Sunday March 31 , 2019 at 15:00.

We invite all the children that were baptized with their parents and God parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters to come and experience the unity of the Catholic community.

We will sing and play around the story of The Creation. The choir of the St. Joseph church will sing.

Questionnaire: Extra Sunday Mass in Catherine Cathedral


An initiative to have a mass on Sunday late afternoon is starting to form. This initiative comes from one of our concerned parishioners – Humberto Consolo Holanda – which at the time of the information meetings about the future of the Catholic Church in Utrecht, was afraid of the future of the church in Utrecht.

After meditating and thinking on potential initiatives to give some new life and spirit for the Church, he came up with this idea to have a mass scheduled on Sunday late afternoon. This would specially be targeted at the young people who go out on Saturday and sleep over during Sunday morning, missing the Holy Mass normal schedule.

For the sake of understanding the potential viability of this late Sunday Mass, he made a questionnaire to understand the opinions of the community and parishioners.

For the ones interested in such an initiative, could you answer the questionnaire here: ? It will only take 2 minutes of your time to answer the questions, and it will be much appreciated.

Information session about the St. Augustine Church on April 6


To the Salvator parishioners: With the recent decision not to
sell the St. Catherine’s church from worship (and with it, remains cathedral), the St. Catherine’s Cathedral is once again offered future prospects.

That still does not apply to the Augustine Church in the center of Utrecht, which is also part of the Salvator parish. The Augustine church has been closed for two and a half years and now for a long time no information has been provided about the future of this church. It is now really necessary that this uncertainty comes to an end!

The Augustine community has remained vital over the past two and a half years and wants to stay that way! That is why an information meeting is going to be organized on the 6th of April during the monthly meeting in the parish center of the St. Augustine church (immediately after the Eucharistic celebration) at around 13:00.

The parish board has been invited to inform our religious community and – where possible – to answer the numerous questions that have been raised by everyone about the restoration and future plans of the St. Augustine Church.

You are all cordially invited to be present! You can also email your questions earlier to Your questions can then be shared in advance with the members of the parish board, so that they can prepare as well as possible for this information afternoon. Don’t miss this opportunity to answer your questions!

Café Damiano – Monday April 1


Cafe Damiano is a free event. It’s a place where people between the age 18 and 39 can discuss their faith. The next edition is about:

How can you find God in daily life?

And how can youtube help you? Jesuit Nikolaas Sintobin will explore new methods of prayer with us. After the meeting we can further meet each other with a drink and bite.

Time: 20:00

Location: Werfkelder (basement) Nieuwegracht 61, Utrecht

24 hours of adoration


On Friday the 29th and Saturday the 30th of March there will be a 24 hours of adoration for the Lord event in the St. Catherine cathedral.

The schedule is as follows:

29th March, 19:00 in the St. Catherine Cathedral: Way of the cross;
29th March, 20:00 in the Peace Chapel: Adoration and reconciliation;
30th March, 10:00 in the St. Catherine Cathedral: Worship and reconciliation;
30th March, 18:30 in the Peace Chapel: Evening mass.
Please come and take part in this celebration of praying and reflection during this Lent periode.

St. Catherine church stays Cathedral

A decision was made regarding the cathedral:

eijk-catharinaThe St. Catherine church will NOT be sold and will stay cathedral and at the service of the community.

Taking into consideration the lack of vitality of the community of the cathedral the coordination of the parish considered selling the cathedral.

The archbishop of Utrecht, cardinal Eijk, was made aware of these plans and due to several protests of the community and the role of the St. Catherine church as cathedral, and the national seat of the catholic church in the Netherlands, the plans were abandoned.

The coordination of the parish will now take into consideration other means to collect funds for the parish and to assure a healthy vitality for the future. For this the archbishop encourages the speed-up of the plans to fuse the parishes of the center of the city – Salvator, St. Ludgerus and St. Martinus.

The coordination of the parish is also arranging with the Catherijnconvent museum for a stronger collaboration and further promote the public access of the cathedral as part of the unique late middle age monastery complex where the museum is placed.


Ash Wednesday 2019

ashThis wednesday, the 6th of March, the Lent period will start with the Ash Wednesday.
There will be a celebration at 19:00, in the St. Catherine Cathedral, but it’ll be in Dutch.
We hope nevertheless that you can attend and mark the beginning of the Lenten season.