Assel day – 15h June!

The Assel day is back after an hiatus of 3 years!

assel-dayAssel Day again is the English Mass annual community day.
It will take place on Saturday, the 15th of June when we will have a day full of fun activities, potluck food brought by our parishioners, nice nature surroundings and prayers.
And Fr. Herman will join us!

As usual it will be in the Salesian Center in Assel near Apeldoorn.

If you are interested please fill in the form, so that we can better plan food and transport:

We are looking forward to see the community again in Assel!


St. Augustine Remains Open!

augustinuskerkOn last Wednesday, the 15th of May, there was a meeting of the parish board where it was decided that the renovation of the St. Augustine church will carry on to its completion, at which point it will be opened and continue to function as a city church for Utrecht.

The board concluded that the St. Augustine church is more oriented to serve as church for the city of Utrecht and the direct surroundings, and that the St. Catherine Cathedral has a special position, as the seat of the archbishop of Utrecht.

Although this means that the parish balance will have a significant hit on its financial assets, the board is convinced that this will give an important impulse to the development of the future of the whole catholic Utrecht. The policy regarding the other churches in the parish will not change due to this decision.

There is however a challenge and responsibility that is put to all of us parishioners: do not look back to what was before: something new is about to start, can you see it already?

Spring cleaning


It’s time for a spring cleaning in the St. Augustine church!

Due to renovation this hasn’t happened for a long time. The church is closed, but the chapel, the coffee and tea room and the pastoral centre can use a wipe and brush.

Thursday, May 23, from 19:00-21:00 we will grab the bucket, sponge and broom. More hands make the work lighter for everyone.

If you’d like to help, please mail
If you are unavailable at this date but would like to help some other time, please also send an email, so we might contact you at another time.
Thanks in advance!

Invitation from the Catharijneconvent museum


After the Holy Mass in English on Sunday, the 26th of May, all parishioners are invited to the Catharijneconvent museum.

The museum will offer us coffee/tea and a lecture on the treasure of Münster.

After the lecture, everyone is invited to visit the treasure of Münster.

The same program is offered – in Dutch – to parishioners after the Holy mass of 10:30h.