Taizé prayer Thursday January 16


Next week, Thursday January 16, the doors will be open for another monthly Taizé youth prayer in Utrecht!

You are welcome from 20:00 on. There will be the possibility for silence, before the prayer starts at 20:15. For more information, you can also visit the Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/461196651262686/

Would you like to know all dates for 2020? Visit www.taizeinutrecht.nl or like the Facebook Event above, to get an automatic reminder from Facebook.

We hope to see you Thursday evening!

On behalf of the Taizé Utrecht coordination: Reinier van den Assum


Annual fundraising for the Catholic Church


The Catholic Church organises its annual fundraising campaign ‘Actie Kerkbalans’ between January 18th and February 1st 2020.

For over 2000 years, our Church spreads the message of faith, hope and love in the world. We hope to continue to do so for many more years to come. Are you a parishioner, member of the (English) community, a visitor or in any other way connected to our church? We ask you to support our church financially during the ‘Kerkbalans’. With your help we can continue to organise inspiring masses, make our community stronger and keep the church warm on cold (winter) days. More information will follow via our communication channels.

Of course you’re more than welcome to support our church right now by donating on NL40 INGB 0003 3411 44 in the name of ‘Actie Kerkbalans Salvatorparochie’. Make sure you state ‘Kerkbalans St. Catharine’ in the transfer remarks.

Sunday Families Program (8th December 11.00 am)


Dear brothers and sisters,

This Sunday, the 8th December, we have again the monthly Christian Family program in Saint Aloysius church in Utrecht – Address: Adriaen van Ostadelaan 2.

The program will be in English for the parents and in Dutch for the kids.

  • 11.00: Holy Mass in English with father Koos Smits;
  • 12.00: Potluck lunch;
  • 13.00-15.00: Parents program on Christian Family and simultaneously Kids programme;
  • 15.00: Closing with prayer

Please inform if you are participating via email to:k.smits@katholiekutrecht.nl

Many blessings,

English Mass coordination team

Day of climate action – Friday, 29th November

Bron WELT Christoph Hipp

Fridays for Future is an international movement of school students who take time off from class to participate in demonstrations to demand action to prevent further global warming and climate change.

This Friday, November 29th, it will be again an international day of action for the climate!
In Utrecht center, in Vredenburgplein, starting at 16:30, there will be a silent march to remember and honor the victims of climate change and to take action to improve the climate policy.
The organization asks everyone to dress black for the occasion.
Everyone is welcome to come and join the cause.

More info:
* Flyer in English: https://fffutu.re/29-11_Info_English
* Facebook event in Dutch: https://www.facebook.com/events/1644768172325689/

Day to stand up for religious freedom – Wed, 27th November


On Wednesday, the 27th November, the Pope’s organization ‘Aid to the Church in Need’ organizes an international day to stand up for the religious freedom.

Many churches will be lit in red during the evening, because of the many christians worldwide whom have become martyrs.

At 19:00 on the 27th of November, in the Peace chapel of the St. Catherine Cathedral, the will be an eucharistic celebration where we will unite with our christian family worldwide.

You are welcome to come and pray together.

More information:

On behalf of Fr. Hans Boogers.

All Saints & Souls 2019


Friday 1st of November and Saturday 2nd of November is again the All Saints and Souls celebrations.
In English we won’t have in our community special celebrations, but in Utrecht there will be celebrations in Dutch that you might be interested to attend:

  • On Friday the 1st of November, cardinal Eijk will celebrate the All Saints day at 19:00 in the St. Catherine Cathedral;
  • On Saturday the 2nd of November, for the occasion of the All Souls day, there will a mass at 18:30 in the St. Catherine Cathedral with remembrance for all departed believers;
  • On Sunday the 3rd of November, and for the youth in special there will be a special program prepared by the youth group from the archdiocese. If you are interested please check their website (in Dutch): https://www.jongaartsbisdom.nl/index.php?id=551

Of course we will have, as usual, mass in English on Sunday, 3rd November in the St. Catherine Cathedral, at 12:30.

10 November – ENGLISH MASS AT 10:00 in Rafael Church – Utrecht Parish Day



On the 10th of November the English Mass will take place at 10:00 in the Rafael Church in Overvecht and will be partly in English and partly in Dutch. The parishes in Utrecht celebrate the Parish Community Day together on this day. All parishes will join in the Rafael church in Overvecht at 10:00 for mass and coffee and lunch afterwards. There will be NO mass at 12:30 in the Cathedral on the 10th of November.

Please let us know if you’d like to join for coffee or lunch afterwards through this link:

Please bring food and personal care items with long shelf life to mass to donate to the food bank of Utrecht. You can donate them in the back of the Rafael church.

If you’d like to volunteer to help during the coffee and tea or lunch please email your name and phone number to fam.sangers@planet.nl

World Day of Migrants and Refugees 2019



The Church has been celebrating the World Day of Migrants and Refugees since 1914. It is always an occasion to express concern for many different vulnerable people on the move; to pray for the challenges and increase awareness about the opportunities that migration offers.

In 2019, the World Day will be celebrated on September 29th. Pope Francis has chosen the theme “It is not just about migrants” to show up our blind-spots and make sure no one remains excluded from society, whether a long-time resident or someone newly-arrived.

The full letter can be found here, translated in many languages:


Sunday Families Program (13th October 11.00 am)


Dear brothers and sisters,

From the month of October we’ll start a monthly Christian Family Sundays activity every 2nd Sunday of the month in Saint Aloysius church in Utrecht – Address: Adriaen van Ostadelaan 2.

The program will be in English for the parents and in Dutch for the kids.

  • 11.00: Holy Mass in English with father Koos Smits;
  • 12.00: Potluck lunch;
  • 13.00-15.00: Parents program on Christian Family and simultaneously Kids programme;
  • 15.00: Closing with prayer

Please inform of your participation via email to: k.smits@katholiekutrecht.nl

Many blessings,

English Mass coordination team