Community assembly day

communityOn the 18th of October 2015, at 14:30, we will organize a community assembly day.
This a new program that is introduced this year to invite the community to take a more active role in the English Mass, to improve on what we already have, and eventually build a stronger and more sustainable community. Lunch will be provided.
If you plan to join us, and you haven’t already done in the church, please fill in the following form:
To prepare for the meeting, please think about what kind of contributions you would like to make for the English Mass Community (e.g. becoming a reader, taking part/preparing for the bible study or the children catechism, becoming a member of the coordination team, singing or playing instrument in the choir, etc.) On the other hand, you can also think about how we can improve the current setting and serve people better as a community and a church.
We’re looking forward to see you there! 

September bible study

Gospel JohnYou are invited for the bible study  that will be held on the 16th of September at 19.45 at the pastoral center.

You can choose one of the St. John’s gospel parts here below  meditate on it and share with us on that Wednesday evening.
Let’s come together and  listen to what God is teaching us about Him.

  • Neither do I condemn you – John 8:1-11
  • Dispute about Jesus’ testimony – John 8:12-20
  • Dispute over Who Jesus is – John 8:21-30

We will be blessed to count you among us!