7-sacramentsThe seven sacraments touch all the stages and all the important moments of Christian life: they give birth, healing and mission to the Christian’s life of faith.

Our community is able to offer various sacramental services to you, e.g. baptism, first holy communion, confirmation, wedding, confession and anointing of the sick. These services include also preparation courses for wedding, baptism, communion and confirmation.

If you would like to apply and register for any of these services you can contact the central secretariat of Katholiek Utrecht: Below is explained how you can take part in the sacraments and how you can register for preperations for baptism, communion, confirmation and marriage.


Every Sunday after mass there is an opportunity for confession. You can just ask the presiding priest after mass. You can either find the priest in the back of the church at the end of the mass or you can ask for him in the sacristy.


The preparation for baptism focuses on the meaning of baptism and what this means for raising your child. We will also explain the content and used symbols used during the Baptism. You have to do the preparation before you can have your child baptized.

The baptism preparation courses will take place from 20:00-21:30 at Adriaan van Ostadelaan 4, Utrecht. 

As a rule the baptism will take place during the English Mass. Fathers Boogers, John and James (Smits) are available for baptisms. You can see when they are scheduled on the roster on our website: 

Dates of preparation courses: 

  • September 9 & 23 2019
  • November 4 & 18 2019
  • February 10 & 24 2019
  • April 13 & 20 2020
  • June 1 & 16 2020

Below you can find a flowchart which illustrates how to arrange your (child’s) baptism.

Baptism preparation


CommunionFirst Holy Communion

The First Holy Communion is meant for children from age 7 or older that have been baptized. It is also possible to combine the Baptism and the First Holy Communion when the child is older.

The Holy Eucharist is a mystery. The bread becomes the Body of Christ and the wine becomes the Blood of Christ. We can’t understand how this works, but we believe. By partaking in the Eucharist the child becomes a real part of the community. But the children must be prepared and taught about our Faith.

The First Holy Communion will be celebrated during the Sunday Mass.

It is needed to have a group of several children to be able to prepare a First Holy Communion. Preperations always start in the beginning of the new year, so please register in time.

Below you can find a flowchart which illustrates how to arrange your (child’s) First Holy Communion. If you are interested please email

Communion preparation


When a person receives the sacrament of Confirmation within the Catholic church, that person is then seen as an adult in the eyes of the church. Children from 11 years old as well as adults can be prepared for confirmation. They have to have done their First Holy Communion first.

Below you can find a flowchart which illustrates how to arrange your (child’s) confirmation. If you are interested please email

Confirmation preparation


Couples that are planning to get married, also when you want to get married abroad, can be prepared in our community. During the preparation we talk about why you want to get married and what the vision of the Roman Catholic Church on marriage is. Also the registration and marriage celebration are talked about.

Usually a group of couples is prepared at the same time. This allows for more interaction. If you want to apply for preparation note that you may have to wait some time before the next marriage course starts.

The courses for the coming year will take place from 20:00-21:30 at Adriaan van Ostadelaan 4, Utrecht. 

Dates of marriage preparation courses:

  • October 7 & 21 2019
  • November 11 & 25 2019
  • March 9 & 23 2020
  • June 8 & 15 2020

Below you can find a flowchart which illustrates how to arrange your marriage preparation. If you are interested please email

Marriage preparation

If you get married in Utrecht and would like the choir of the English Mass to sing during your wedding, please send an email to A voluntary contribution to the choir/church is highly appreciated.