Day trip to Roermond and Maastricht


On Sunday, the 14th of May, we went with a group of parish members on a day trip to Maastricht and Roermond. Two ancient cities in southern Netherlands with a very interesting history and magnificent churches and buildings.

First we went by train to Roermond and attended the Holy Mass in Our Lady Munster Church in Roermond. This is the only example of a church in late-Romanesque style, which is a part of the Rhenish Romanesque group. The name Munster comes from the Latin language and means monastery cloister which indicates that the church was originally an abbey church. The church was founded around 1218 by Count Gerard III of Gelredome. You can see his tomb and that of his way in this magnificent church.

Then we continued our journey with the train to Maastricht, where we attend the annual St. Servaas procession. During this procession the relics of St. Servaas were paraded through the city. Auxiliary Bishop Everard de Jong of Roermond wore the Monstrans with the Holy Eucharist. A Roman Catholic Church Procession shows that human life is a journey on the way to Jesus Christ on earth and in heavenly paradise. Many associations in Maastricht participated in this procession. For example we saw members of the Order of Saint Lazare walking in this procession. It is a procession where people from near and far come to see this magnificent spectacle.

After the procession we visited the St. Servaas Basilica. In the crypte of this church St. Servaas is buried. A very impressive and very beautiful Romanian crypt. We lit a candle in Our Lady Basilica and we ended our day trip with prayers of thanks in its chapel. This basilica is a world famous pilgrimage site, which you can see from the hundreds of candles burning here daily. We left Maastricht with an unforgettable and a great impression of a beautiful day trip.

Please check the rest of the photos in our album on Facebook:

Thanks to Anne Louis Cammenga for organizing this trip.

Blessed Sacrament every weekend


From today, the 12th of May, on, Jesus is inviting us to come to adore him in the Blessed Sacrament every weekend from Friday 9.00 to Sunday night (Monday 0.00) at Klooster Cenakel, Sint Willibrordusstraat 34, Utrecht and during the week till 21.00 (except on Tuesdays when the finishing time is at 18:00).

Visit Fr. Herman in Wijchen


On the 7th of May we organized a group of parishioners and travelled to Wijchen to visit Fr. Herman.

We were heartly welcomed by him for coffee, tea and cake. Fr. Herman told us about Rivo Torto, the flat complex where he lives, and its community. In the complex lives mostly members of different congregations. The Franciscans are the biggest group there.
Fr. Herman showed us the complex and we sang and played a few songs in the local chappel.

We enjoyed our visit, thanks Fr. Herman for the hospitality!

You can see a couple of photos of our visit in the following link:


Bible study meeting


We will have our bible study meeting on the third Sunday of the month.  It will be held at the pastoral center (backside entrance of Saint Augustinus church)
Rozenstraat 1 from 19.45 (sharp) on May 17th, 2017.

We will discuss the book of Genesis chapters 2 and 3: God’s creation of the world and the temptation and fall. We will also continue in June to study Genesis so if you are interested to deepen this topic.

We will be blessed to count you among us!