New parish priest

TonHuitinkHis Eminence Cardinal Eijk appointed father Ton Huitink as new parish priest of our Salvator Parish.
At the same time he is appointed as parish priest of two other parishes in Utrecht.
Father Ton Huitink has the task to set up one pastoral team for Utrecht.
He is 58 years old and currently lives in Baarn.

This Friday, the 4th of September, at 19:00 he will be officially installed at the St. Catherine’s Cathedral (Lange Nieuwstraat 36, Utrecht).
You are all invited to attend this special mass!

At the 6th of September he will co-celebrate our annual St. Augustine Feast at 10:30.

We warmly welcome father Ton Huitink!

Saint Augustine day 2015

sint augustinusSunday the 6th of September we will celebrate the yearly feast of Saint Augustine together with the Dutch Community.
This year the celebration is extra special since we also celebrate the 175th anniversary of the St. Augustine church!
The joint mass will start at 10:30. The mass will be partly in English and partly in Dutch.
There will be NO mass at 12:30 on the 6th of September.
Everyone is invited to celebrate the mass together with the Dutch Community at 10:30.
Like last year after the mass we will celebrate together with coffee and tea and food.
We invite you to bring a cake or something sweet (or savoury) from your home country.
Let’s make a great celebration and meet our Dutch friends in faith.

UPDATE: Bike Ride

Dear brothers and sisters,

The day for our bicycle ride is almost there.  According to the weatherman the weather will be on our side on Saturday 22nd of August; sending  its sunshine all around.  We will meet at Jaarbeurs, our starting point, at 10.00.

The short description of the itinerary will be as follows:Biking

  • We will spend about an hour and half going through beautiful places to Zeist via Bunnik and Zeist Rijnenburg with Austerlitz as our destination. 
  • Pick nick is on the program but we will improvise the spot according to where we will all agree it is convenient.
  • On the way back to Utrecht we will ride nearby De Bilt, it will also take us about an hour and half to reach Utrecht.  


Please bring some sandwiches, snacks, drinks for yourself and/or to share with others.  It doesn’t need to be heavy to hinder you to enjoy your day.

  • It is not about the destination; it is about being with others and enjoy the views on the way i.e. A relaxing cycling. We will follow bicycle boards that lead us to beautiful places.
  • Please SMS your name to 0633804118 till Saturday before 09.00 to confirm your participation.  

For the rest you can be creative to make Saturday together an unforgettable experience.

See you then!

Support Sunny

SunnyWe meet in moments of prayers and in fun times but there are other unavoidable moments when we need each other like for supporting one of us having to say goodbye to a loved one.  That is what happened to Sunny who lost his mother Augustine back home as you may know.

On Sunday 16th of August after coffee and tea, as a community,  we will go to visit him and his family.  To avoid that he has to spend much trying to welcome us in his home, it would be handy if you can bring a bottle of juice to share with others while keeping him and his family company.  Drinks will be put together in the coffee and tea room from where we will depart from and where his address will be announced. If you want to support him, you can do it personally when there.

May God bless you!

Bike ride

BikingDo you enjoy riding a bicycle, explore the creation or just being with others?  Hoping the weather will cooperate, we are inviting you to join us for a journey on a bicycle to Zeist via Bunnik on the 22nd of August. We will picnic somewhere in the nature of Zeist.
Please keep that day free in your agenda, more specific information will follow.

Blessed summer holiday!

Bible study September

Gospel JohnAlthough it is still holiday, we would like to invite you to start preparing for the bible study that will be held on the 16th of September at 19.45 in the pastoral center.  You can choose from the following passages a part to meditate on and share with us on that evening.

  • Neither do I condemn you – John 8:1-11
  • Dispute about Jesus’ testimony – John 8:12-20
  • Dispute over Who Jesus is – John 8:21-30

We will be blessed to count you among us!