Altar serving

AltarServantsWe depend on our group of altar servants to serve at the Table of the Lord, assisting the priest in the celebration of the Eucharist. As an altar servant you give a little bit of your time (once a month an hour) to support the priest and to serve the Lord. Every mass there is at least one altar servant present.

To be an altar servant you should have made your First Communion. If you would like to be an altar servant (e.g. once or twice per month), send an email to the English Mass Team ( One of the Team members will contact you to make arrangements with you according to your availability.


readersAn important part of every mass is the Word of the Lord. Through His Word he teaches us. We can find strength, support and guidance in His Words. By reading during mass we can share our own faith and continue Jesus’ mission of sharing the Word with the community.

The readings and intercessory prayers are read by a group of readers. Every week an email is sent to the group of readers to ask four of them to read for the coming Sunday.

If you want to join the readers, please send an email to

Coffee and tea

CoffeeTeaWe have a get-together after the English Mass with coffee and tea. This is very important, as it brings people together and serves as an opportunity for new people to get introduced to our community.

Volunteers prepare and serve coffee and tea and clean up afterwards. We are always looking for new volunteers to help out (e.g. for once or twice per month). Would you be willing to support the Coffee & Tea Group? Send an email to One of the team members will contact you to make arrangements according to your availability.

Of course, you are also most welcome to spontaneously offer your helping hands at the get-together, which is also highly appreciated. Thank you!


The choir leads the congregation in hymns of praise and thanksgiving to our Lord at the Sunday English Mass. Established in 2005, we are a group of friendly people who Choirshare a common vision – to serve the Lord in the music ministry.

We welcome you to join us, be it as a singer, as an instrument player, or as an additional choir director. We send an email every week to invite our members to the rehearsals. Just send an email to

We rehearse on Fridays from 8-10 PM in the St. Augustine church and on Sunday morning from 11 AM in the Cathedral. After Friday’s rehearsals we often have a social gathering in a cafe nearby. After mass there are always some that have lunch together.

To join us for Firday rehearsals: Enter through the back entrance of the church at Rozenstraat 1. Just walk through the gate next to the multi-storey car park of the ‘Bijenkorf’ store.

To join us for Sunday rehearsals: Ring the bell at the maroon door halfway the small alley to the left of the Cathedral, Lange Nieuwstraat 36.


CatechismEvery first and third Sunday of the month we organise catechism for children aged 3-13. For about 30 mins during the mass, the Gospel and Readings of the Sunday will be explained to the children through storytelling and drawing/coloring activities. Children and parents are welcome to attend!

We are looking for volunteers to help prepare the catechism and help during catechism so we can take turns. The common language of the children is Dutch. If you speak Dutch and want to help with catechism please send an email to

Couples and family meeting


Every second Sunday of the month there is a Sunday Family Programme in English in the Saint Aloysius church in Utrecht.

11.00: Holy Mass with father Koos Smits
12.00: Potluck lunch
13.00-15.00: Parents program on Christian Family and simultaneously Kids Programme
15.00: Conclusions

If you´d like to join, please send an email to:

Address: Saint Aloysius Church – Adriaen van Ostadelaan 2 – Utrecht


rosaryEvery Saturday from 11:15-11:45 there is a rosary prayer at the Mary Chapel of the st. Augustine church, Oudegracht 69.
You are welcome to join!

Bible study

Gospel JohnEvery first and third Tuesday of the month at 20:00 at the parish centre of the St. Augustine at Rozenstraat 1 a group of parishioners comes together for bible study. Feel free to join them. If you’d like to join send us an email to    

Visiting the sick

visiting-the-sickLife can present us with trials and difficulties, sadness and sorrows. In these times it can be difficult to find our way to the Lord. As a community we want to be there for support in those trials.

If you know someone that could use a visit, please send an email to, we will facilitate a visit.

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