Register as a parishioner

If you stay in Utrecht for a longer period and will be coming to the English Mass regularly, we strongly recommend and invite you to register with our community.

Why register?

piggy-bankBy registering as a parishioner at the secretariat of the parish the church can keep contact with you and they will also ask you every year to contribute to the Church Balance campaign.

The Church Balance campaign takes place in the beginning of every year. This campaign is about keeping the financial balance of the own parish (more) healthy. The costs of celebrating a mass are higher than is usually assumed. With costs for heating, priest, candles, electricity add quickly up to € 250,-. Luckily the collection mostly covers this. Next to that the parish has costs listed below that are not covered by the money raised during collection.

Schematically the budget of the church looks like this:


  • regular maintenance of the church buildings;
  • heating and electricity;
  • insurance of the buildings;
  • staff (priests, secretariat, sacristan);
  • renovation of church buildings;
  • candles, hosts and mass leaflets;
  • contribution to the diocese.


  • Church Balance campaign;
  • collection during mass for own parish;
  • inheritance from deceased;
  • renting of rooms (e.g. for orchestra rehearsals);
  • revenue from investments.

How to register?

When you would like to register as a parishioner please fill in this Registration form new parishioner and email it to: