About Us

We are ‘English Mass Utrecht’, a Roman Catholic international community under the supervision of the Salvator Parish Utrecht of the Archdiocese of Utrecht. We celebrate Holy Mass in English every Sunday at 12.30 pm, at St. Catherine’s Cathedral in Utrecht. After the mass we drink coffee and tea together in the Bonifaciushuis, in the back of the Cathedral.

The English Speaking Community is a growing group of parishioners that come from more than fifty countries and six continents. Part of them are expatriates, others are students or live in the Netherlands. As such our community is ever changing.

It is the help and support of many volunteers that keeps the Holy Mass in English running. Volunteers are always needed and most welcome. Check where you can help!


  1. John and Mindy Crean · December 15, 2016


    My wife and I hope to live for several months in an European city in 2017. We hope to select the place based on many things, including the presence of an English speaking Faith Community. We are very active in our Church and are Roman Catholic. We are very interested in English Mass Utrecht. Could you tell us more about your organization and community?

    Where do you need help? If we come to Utrecht, we want to volunteer, not just at Church, but at other places too. Do you know of other volunteering that is needed around Utrecht?

    We are both 66, retired and have lived abroad before.


    John and Mindy Crean


  2. englishmassutrecht · January 17, 2017

    Dear John and Mindy,

    Sorry for the time we took to reply to you, we usually don’t check the blog’s posts comments.

    The English Mass Community is a mostly young community, due to the fact that most of the Catholics in Utrecht, that choose to come to our community, are students that come from abroad to study in the Utrecht’s university. There are naturally also some Dutch parishioners that love the international environment of our community and also attend our mass.

    The English Mass Community has a coordination team, at the moment composed by 5 people that take care of different tasks in the organization, such as Choir, Pastoral care, Readers, Coffee & Tea, Altar servants, Website, and son on.

    We are always accepting new volunteers and would much appreciate your help! Where is depends what you want to do. You can help us with the choir, singing or playing, serving in the altar, organizing the coffee and tea meeting after the Sunday mass, reading in the church or even help us with the coordination.

    If you wish to contact us again please do so via our email address – team@englishmassutrecht.nl – we will reply quicker 🙂

    Thanks for your contact and maybe see you in the future!


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