On the initiative of a Polish student, Tytus, and a Dutchman, Johannes, we started in 2003 as a small community in Utrecht. The first English Mass was celebrated on Sunday 30th of March 2003 after approval of Cardinal Simonis and the several efforts of small group of courageous international students of Utrecht University.

Two years later His Eminence, Cardinal Simonis, Archbishop Emeritus of Utrecht, assigned us to the City Parish of Utrecht, which now is called Salvator Parish.

At first there was no singing during mass. Since 2005 we have our own choir that rehearses Friday evenings and Sunday mornings and sing during mass.

Over time the community grew and also the activities that the English Mass organised besides the Holy Mass grew. Gradually we started to organise more activities such as a prayer meetings, interreligious and ecumenical meetings, rosary and bible study. 

Since there are a growing number of young families in our community we started to organise couples and family meetings, to discuss christian life within a couple or young family and children’s catechism during mass.

Because many in our community have family far away we also organise social events, such as the Easter lunch and a yearly community day in Assel.

In 2015 due to a pending renovation the English Mass moved to the Catherine Cathedral.

In 2018 we celebrated 15 years English Mass together with the Dutch community. For our 10th anniversary we created this booklet to show all the things the English Mass Utrecht does: http://bit.ly/10yearsemu

Former priests

The Reverend Father Johannes W.M. van Dril, OSA


Celebrant between 2005-2008

Former superior of our community

Backup celebrant priest

The Reverend Father Dirk van Lammeren, MHM


Celebrant between 2005-2009

The Reverend Father Henry Sseriiso


From Uganda

Celebrant between 2006-2007

The Reverend Father George Paimpillil


From India

Celebrant between 2008-2009

Former parochial vicar for our community

The Reverend Father Roland Putman, OFM


Celebrant in 2009

The Reverend Father Romano


Celebrant between 2006-2008

The Reverend Father Herman Wijtten, SVD


Celebrant between 2008-2009

The Reverend Father Rolly Yako, SVD


From the Philippines

Celebrant between 2008-2009

The Reverend Father Cyril Kuttiyanikkal, CMI


From India

Celebrant between 2006-2007 and 2010-February 2014

Email: cyrilcmi@gmail.com

The Very Reverend Father G.M.J. van der Vegt


Rector of the Salvator Cathedral Parish between January 2010-September 2014

Superior of our community

Celebrant priest

Sacramental care (backup)

The Reverend Father Herman Lieberom, SDB


Parochial Vicar for our community

Celebrant Priest (2005-2016)

Pastoral and sacramental care

Email: lieberom.h@donbosco.nl

From the congregation of the Brothers of St. John, Utrecht (since 2008)

  • The Reverend Father Johan, CSJ (from Belgium)
  • The Reverend Father Elias Leyds, CSJ (from the Netherlands)
  • The Very Reverend Father Alain-Dominique Versele, CSJ (from Belgium)

Father Patrick Kuipers

FrPatrickCelebrant Priest (2014-2016, 2018-current)

Email: pastor.kuipers@gmail.com

Father Rigo Loozekoot


Celebrant Priest (2016)

Email: pastor.loozekoot@gmail.com

Father Ton Huitink


Superior of our community (2015-2018)

Celebrant priest (2015-2018)

Sacramental care

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