Fr. Huitink leaving Utrecht

On the 8th of April the archdiocese of Utrecht made known that Fr. Ton Huitink, our parish priest, will leave us.

Fr. Ton Huitink was asked to assume the leadership of the fusion of a couple of parishes in the vicariate of Deventer. Fr. Huitink himself will move to Zwolle.

The archdiocese and our community – the English Mass Utrecht – are most grateful to Fr. Huitink for his good and often difficult work he did for the parishes in Utrecht.

The coordination of the parishes of Utrecht, to whom the news came as a surprise, whishes to invite all parishioners and other interested to be part of a farewell celebration.

This celebration will take place on the Corpus Christi Sunday, the 3rd of June, in de Aloysius church (Adriaen van Ostadelaan 2). The celebration will start at 10:30.

Starting on the 1st of May, Fr. Hans Boogers will assume functions as the new priest of the parishes of Utrecht. He works at the moment in Zwole. In June he will start his pastoral work in Utrecht. His place of residence will be in the presbytery of the Aloysius church.