Measures against the spreading of the coronavirus

coronavirusThe Dutch bishops announced measures related to the outbreak of the coronavirus. These are related for the most part to the rite of peace and the distribution of the communion.
In December started in China an outbreak of the coronavirus, that can make people sick. The most patients with this virus have fever and breathing complains.
All over the world measures are being taken to prevent the virus to spread further. On the 27th February was the virus for the first time in the Netherlands in a person found.
The most important measures that the Dutch National Institute of Health (RIVM) advises to prevent the spread of the coronavirus are the following:

  • Wash the hands regularly;
  • If you are to sneeze or cough please cover your mouth and nose with the inside of your elbow;
  • Use disposable paper tissues.

Now that the virus is found in the Netherlands, the Dutch bishops make known that starting on Sunday, the 1st of March, the following measures will be taken in the Dutch Roman Catholic community, and as long as the virus still is not under control:

  • During the ceremonies in the parishes and institutions, receiving the communion in the tongue is not possible;
  • The communion can only be received on the hand and can only be given by the celebrant priest;
  • The chalice of the communion is reserved for the celebrant;
  • During the rite of peace parishioners do not shake hands;
  • Holy water won’t be available while entering or leaving the church.

The bishops ask the parishioners to pray for all the people in the world that are victims of the virus and for all who guide patients with their care and expertise. Bishops abroad, where the coronavirus was previously found, have also announced measures, either as a bishop’s conference or as a diocese. For information check our source here:

Ash Wednesday 2020


This Wednesday, the 26th February, the Catholic commmunity celebrates Ash Wednesday.

There will be a mass celebration in the St. Catherine Cathedral at 19:00, but it will be in Dutch.

If you are interested in other celebrations in Utrecht (in Dutch) please check the calendar in the Katholiek Utrecht website:

Alpha weekend


As you may know, there is currently an alpha course for dutch and english speakers in our parish. Some visitors from the English Mass community are also participants.

This weekend (22-23 February) the group is going to Nijmegen and talk about the Holy Spirit. On Sunday 23 February they will visit the English Mass community at 12:30 in the St Catherine Cathedral with 15 people. Afterwards they will join the coffee and tea in the Bonifacius house. From 14:30 they will continue their program there.

So let’s welcome the Alpha group and if you have questions feel free to approach and join them!

EMU 17th Birthday – A Potluck Party

happy-birthdayWe would like to invite you all to our annual potluck party to honor our English Mass community’s anniversary. This is a good time for all of us to celebrate together as a community, to remind us of a good history & culture of EMU, and to discuss a bit further about future.

Date: Sunday, March 08th, 2019
Time: After Mass – around 13.45
Venue: Nieuwegracht 61, coffee & tea room
Potluck Registration via:
We’d like to share our food and friendship together. We ask you to bring a dish or cake from your home country, so we can celebrate our diversity and our shared Christian Faith. After eating we can enjoy each other’s company by playing board games. You can bring your favorite game(s) to the table.

Further details and changed will be updated constantly in the event page.

Please RSVP so we could arrange things better.

We are looking forward to seeing and welcoming you at the party.

Sunday Families Program (9th February 11.00 am)


Dear brothers and sisters,

This Sunday, the 9th February, we have again the monthly Christian Family program in Saint Aloysius church in Utrecht – Address: Adriaen van Ostadelaan 2.

The program will be in English for the parents and in Dutch for the kids.

  • 11.00: Holy Mass in English with father Koos Smits;
  • 12.00: Potluck lunch;
  • 13.00-15.00: Parents program on Christian Family and simultaneously Kids programme;
  • 15.00: Closing with prayer

Please inform if you are participating via email

Also, we are looking for volunteers that can help with the kids program. If you would like to help please send an email to

Many blessings,

English Mass coordination team