IPSU welcoming international students

IPSUThe Interdenominational Platform for Students in Utrecht (IPSU) is organizing a welcoming activity for international students on Sunday, the 11th of September, at the building of the EUG, in Oudegracht 33. By this event they also want to offer the students worship and fellowship in English-speaking churches in Utrecht.

The event will start at 13.30 (just after our service in St. Augustine). It will begin with lunch and playing board games.

For more information please contact the secretary of IPSU: Erik Heemskerk – heemskerk.erik@gmail.com

St. Augustine day – 28th August

st.augustineLike in the last few years, we are going to celebrate St. Augustine day again with the Dutch-speaking Parishioners.
The joint Dutch-English mass to celebrate this day will take place on the 28th of August 2016 (on St. Augustine day itself), at 10:30 hrs in the St. Augustine church. And, we are happy to announce that most likely, Fr. Herman will also join us!

We hope you will all join the joyful event after the mass service. Again we are invited to cook or bake something special from our own countries, and the Dutch community will provide drinks and snacks. So, please be creative with your pots and pans – and cook like you never did before! We hope that many of you will come!

For questions, please contact Ellen (ellenvanhaastert@gmail.com).

Latin mass

Some members of our community manifested the interest of starting in Utrecht a regular celebration of the Tridentine Mass – a Roman Rite Mass, following older rituals and celebrated in Liturgical Latin.

latin-massStarting on the Wednesday 7th September, from 19h to 20h, there will be a celebration in the St. Rafael church, in Overvecht, Utrecht.
We plan after that to have a celebration regularly, roughly every first Wednesday of the month.

To reach the church, coming from the center, you can take either of the busses: 1, 3 or 6. The address of the church is: Lichtenberchdreef 4, 3562 RD Utrecht

We are also asking for altar servants to help during the service. If you want to help please let us know.

If you are interested please come along! It would be great to have you among us!

Assel day – 11/06 – Program

For those of you that are interested in participating in the event and still haven’t informed us please do so by filling the form in:


assel-day 2014
The program for the event will be:

9.00-9.30: Gathering at the carpool place (to be published);
10.00-10:45: Arrival in Assel and coffee time;
10:45-11:30: Meditation session;
11:30-12:30: Walk through the forest;
12:30-14:00: Potluck lunch;
14:00-16:00: Detective game, with a 15 min pause;
16:00-17:00: Closing prayer and farewells;
17:00: Return to Utrecht

We hope that you can be with us: surely it will be a relaxing and enjoyable day and most of all a unique opportunity for being together!

Movie-afternoon Sunday June 5th: St. Faustina

faustinaHelena Kowalska was born as the third child of a poor Polish family with ten children. At age fifteen, after only three years of school, she began to work to support the family. At the age of twenty she followed her calling to serve as a nun in the Catholic Church. She moved to Warsaw and visited several monasteries, but was rejected each time.
Eventually she was accepted on April 30, 1926 at the convent of the Congregation of the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy with the name Sister Maria Faustina of the Blessed Sacrament.

Where: Coffee room St. Augustine Church, Rozenstraat 1 Utrecht
When: Sunday, June 5, 2:30 pm.
Speaker: Father K. Smits

The movie is in English with Dutch subtitles.

3 day pilgrimage to Our Lady of Banneux

banneuxThe Banneux N.D. Organization for Asian Pilgrims is organizing the 31st annual pilgrimage to Our Lady of Banneux, which will be held on 28th of May 2016.

The bus leaves at 7:00 from the Winkel centrum in Laan van Vollenhoven, Zeist. It comes then to the Jaarbeursplein (Euroline bus stop), Utrecht, at 7:45-8:00.

The cost for students is just 25€ for travelling.

If you are interested please contact directly the organization:

Francis A. X. Pathmarajah
Tel.: 033-4806902

May Bible study

jesusYou are invited for the bible study that will be held on the 18th of May at 19.45 at the pastoral center. Let’s come together and listen to what God is teaching us about Himself. We will meditate about the following passage:

  • John 10:22-42 Conflicts about Jesus being the Messiah

We will be blessed to count you among us!

Farewell to Fr. Herman

Since Fr. Herman health status improved in the beginning of the year, we were trying to bring him back as a regular priest for the 2nd half of the year.
Unfortunately, due to the parish financial situation and concerns for his health, Fr. Herman will not celebrate mass again for our community.

We are sad about this decision, since Fr. Herman did a lot for our community in the last 10 years.


We would like to thank him very much for his service and care for our community, and bid him a farewell.
In our annual community day, “Assel day”, Fr. Herman will be present, and we will organize also there a celebration to thank him. So this is yet another reason for you to join Assel day!

We remind you that Assel day will take place on the 11th of June.
If you are interested, we kindly request you to fill in this form:


We look forward to see you there in a big group, and deliver a big thank you to Fr. Herman.

Assel day 2016

Since several years we organize the yearly “Assel Day”: a community day that takes place in Assel nearby Apeldoorn, in the Salesian Center of Don Bosco.

Also this year we are planning to organize it: for Saturday the 11th of June. It will be a day full of fun activities, potluck food brought by our parishioners, nice nature and prayers. And, Fr. Herman will join us!

assel-day 2014
We kindly ask everyone who is attending the event to bring a dish from their home country.

If you are interested, we kindly request you to fill in this form:


Deadline: Sunday June 5th, 2016 at 22:00 hrs.

Assel is difficult to access via public transports, so we organize a car pool to make sure everyone get’s there.

Once you are registered, more details will be shared with you later. Also, a couple of days prior to the event we will share with you the carpool plan and where in Utrecht to gather for the carpool (most likely around 9:00 AM on Saturday 11 June 2016).

If you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate in contacting:
Ellen van Haastert, ellenvanhaastert@gmail.com, tel: 06 2622 1393
Vitor Gaspar, team@englishmassutrecht.nl, tel: 06 3427 5972.

We are excited and hope that many of you will join!
Greetings from Fr. Herman, Vítor and Ellen