24h for the Lord

24hLordIn 2014, Pope Francis took the initiative for a recollection worldwide to be held on the 4th Saturday of the time of Lent: “24 hours for the Lord.”

In 2017 this day is coinciding with the Solemnity of “Mary Annunciation.”

Mary, we invoke as Mother of the Church, including in Utrecht.

The worldwide Catholic Church we see in Utrecht particularly reflected in the English Community, presently in the St. Catharine Cathedral.

The program for Friday the 24th and Saturday the 25th of March will be:

  • (24th) 19:00 in the Cathedral: Stations of the Cross
  • 20:00 in the Peace Chapel: Sacramental Worship
  • (25th) 10:00 in the Cathedral: Sacramental Worship with:
    • inside: worship texts, Bible reading, meditation music, confession
    • outside: action on the cathedral square and meeting
  • 18:30 in the Cathedral: the usual evening Mass

Are you in for it?

  1. As a person: one hour nocturnal adoration, from Friday till Saturday?
  2. As a group: for common prayer during a certain hour on Saturday?

If so, please let Fr. Koos (James) Smits know, by sending an email to: p.ksmits@kpnmail.nl

The organization wholeheartedly appreciates!

On behalf of:

Fr Koos (James) Smits, Violet van Liebergen and Brother Ignatius-Maria (St. John)

New poster for the English Mass community

Maybe you have noticed, but we have a new poster posted in the showcase outside of the
St. Catherine cathedral! It looks just like the image on the 3. Poster

With it we plan to raise some awareness about our community and get new parishioners.

If you want to help us, you can also print one of these posters and post it in your university or other public place that you visit. You can get this poster here: http://bit.ly/emuposter

Utrecht Marathon 2017

This Sunday, the 19th of March, there will be a marathon through the center of Utrecht.


There might be some traffic restrictions and delays with the public transport, so plan carefully your trip to the Sunday mass!

If you are actually joining the marathon, then we wish you the best of luck!

For more information about the marathon visit their website: http://www.utrechtmarathon.com

Movie afternoon – Do you Believe?

When a pastor is touched by the faith of a street preacher, he is reminded that faith alway2. Movies demands action. He then puts this lesson into practice and is not without consequences. The lives of many people cross each other and each of them discovers step by step the power of the cross of Christ. DO YOU BELIEVE is much more than just a movie, it is also a personal question …

From the creators of the box office success “God’s not dead.”
With an impressive cast!

  • Where: Coffee room St. Augustine Church, PASTORAAL CENTRUM, Rozenstraat 1, (next to Q-PARK parkeergarage/parking garage LA VIE) Utrecht.
  • When: Sunday March 19, 14:30
  • Speaker: Father K. (James) Smits

March Taizé prayer

On behalf of the Taizé community in Utrecht:1. Taizé

Hi there!

This month will be extra special. March 16, we will host a song practice prior to our monthly Taizé prayer. Samuel, one of our musicians, will help us practice a few songs so we can sing the different harmonies during the prayer.

Have you always dreamt of singing that beautiful alto/tenor/bass line? Or would you like to know more about singing Taizé songs? Or do you just really love Taizé in Utrecht? Join us!

The doors for the song practice will be open from 19:15 and we still start at 19:30. As usual there will be a moment for personal silence from 20:00. Followed by the prayer that starts at 20:15.

Of course we will sing some of the songs we have practiced during the song practice!

We hope to see you there!

March bible study

As usual every third Wednesday of the month we will have our bible study meeting.  It marywill be held at the pastoral center (backside entrance of Saint Augustinus church) Rozenstraat 1 from 19.45′ on the 15th of March 2017.

The coming Bible study, we think about what John wants to tell us about the mother of Jesus. We will discuss John 2 (whole chapter), John 7:1-10 and John 16: 29-33.

We will be blessed to count you among us!

Ash Wednesday

ash-wednesdayThis Wednesday, the 1st of March, it will begin the Lent, with the Ash Wednesday.
Unfortunately, there won’t be celebrations in English in Utrecht.
You can however attend any of the celebrations in Dutch:

  • At 12:30 – Celebration of Eucharistie – in the Augustinian sisters near the St. Augustine church, address: Waterstraat 2, 3511 BW Utrecht;
  • At 18:30 – Rosary – in the St. Catherine Cathedral;
  • Between 18:30 and 18:50 – Confessions – in the St. Catherine Cathedral;
    At 19:00 – Celebration of Eucharistie – in the St. Catherine Cathedral

FAQ Finances parish

Dear brothers and sisters,                                   balance

In the beginning of every year the campaign Church Balance takes place. This campaign is about keeping the financial balance of the own parish (more) healthy. This campaign usually raises questions about how the finances of the parish are arranged. Father Huitink wrote a letter to the parishioners regarding the campaign. You can find this letter here: https://englishmassutrecht.files.wordpress.com/2017/02/letter-from-fr-huitink-about-the-church-balance-december-2016.pdf

Schematically the budget of the church looks like this:


  • regular maintenance of the church buildings;
  • heating and electricity;
  • insurance of the buildings;
  • staff (priests, secretariat, sacristan);
  • renovation of church buildings;
  • candles, hosts and mass leaflets;
  • contribution to the diocese.


  • campaign Church Balance;
  • collection during mass for own parish;
  • inheritance from deceased;
  • renting of rooms (e.g. for orchestra rehearsals);
  • revenue from investments.

We are of course happy with every financial contribution that you can make. The costs of celebrating a mass are higher than is usually assumed. With costs for heating, priest, candles, electricity add quickly up to € 250,-. Luckily the collection mostly covers this. Next to that the parish has the costs of maintaining the buildings and other activities such as charity. Also the renovation requires a large amount of money. The church can apply for a subsidy from the government, this would cover around 30% of the total sum. The church will try to raise extra funds from contributions of the parishioners. The rest of the money comes from the capital the parish has built up in the past.

By registering as a parishioner at the secretariat of the parish the church can keep contact with you and they will also ask you every year to contribute to the campaign Church Balance.

The bank account of our parish is:
Salvator parochie St. Augustinuskerk

Update on status of St. Augustine church

This week Fr. Ton Huitink published a video about a visit he did to the St. Augustine church with the restoration teams of the building and the organ.
In it Fr. Huitink explains that the church can’t be used at the moment due to the fact that a piece of the ceiling fell last year, from one of the rose forms sculpted there. The rose and it’s status is shown in the video.
Fr. Huitink explains that also the organ was restored, but cannot be placed at the moment because the balcony where it used to be is not stable and a new construction will be built to place it.
In the video we can see the people responsible for the organ project and also the ones for the restoration of the building.
Fr. Huitink finishes saying that he hopes that the church will be ready in the beginning of next year but not now due to safety reasons.

The full video is dutch spoken and can be found in Fr. Huitink Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ton.huitink

Left in picture the organ restorer Hans van Rossum


New bus line for St. Catherine’s Cathedral

busBus line 2, which serves the St. Catherine Cathedral, is temporarily out of service, for an unspecified time.

Starting from Saturday, the 4th of February, line 22 can be used to come from Utrecht central station (Jaarbeurs side) to the museum quarter. You can get out at the stop at Korte Smeestraat to easily reach the St. Catherine’s Cathedral. This stop is just a few meters from the former bus stop Catherijneconvent.

More info in the OV Utrecht website (in dutch): https://u-ov.info/contact/actueel/tijdelijke-pendeldienst-ivm-omleiding-lijn-21/