Taizé prayer Thursday evening November 17

On behalf of the Taizé community in Utrecht:

Hi there!

This Thursday, November 17, the doors will be open for our monthly Taizé youth prayer in Utrecht! You are welcome from 20:00 on in De Wijkplaats, Johannes Camphuysstraat 101, 3531SE Utrecht. There will be the possibility for silence, before the prayer starts at 20:15.

For more information, you can also visit the Facebook event.

We are, by the way, looking for new musicians (preference for piano) and people to strengthen our team! Would you like to join our enthusiastic team and support us once a month with the Taizé prayer preparations. Please let us know via mail or reach out to us before or after the prayer!

We hope to see you Thursday evening!

Reinier van den Assum

November bible study

jesus_raises_lazarusThe time for our November bible study is approaching. Since September we are having a bible study and a prayer on the same evening every third Wednesday of the month. Our next bible study/prayer meeting will be held at the pastoral center of St. Augustinus on the 16th of November from 19.45; the entrance is at the backside of St. Augustinus church – Rozenstraat 1.We will meditate on John 11:38-54 about the resurrection of Lazarus.

We will be blessed to count you among us.

Afternoon Movie – The Vatican

vaticanWhen most people think about the Vatican they think about the Pope, the Roman Catholic Church and the impressive art and architecture. But the Papal State has much more to offer. This documentary gives you an intimate look at one of the most revered places in the world. You will be witness of the holy rituals that outsiders only rarely participate. Furthermore you will see the people – the religious leaders to the art restorers – who live in the Vatican. They tell what it is like to work in this nearly two thousand years old Institute.

An excellent documentary! The Vatican is as objective as possible displayed in short but bright parts, with respect for the Catholic Church. Impressive, informative and very complete!

This documentary will be shown in the Coffee room of the St. Augustine Church, on Sunday the 27th November, at 14:30.
Fr. O. Swijnenberg will speak after the documentary.

Next Tridentine Mass

As announced before, we have now in Utrecht a Tridentine Mass being celebrated regularly.
The Tridentine Mass is a Roman Rite Mass, following older rituals and celebrated in Liturgical Latin.


The next will be held on Wednesday, the 9th of November at 19.00.
As before, it will be celebrated in the St. Rafael church, in Overvecht, Utrecht.

To reach the church, coming from the center, you can take either of the buses: 1, 3 or 6. The address of the church is: Lichtenberchdreef 4, 3562 RD Utrecht

If you are interested please come along! It would be great to have you among us!

St. Augustine church in the Telegraaf

29-09-2016-de-telegraaf-augustinuskerk-blijkt-te-gevaarlijk-voor-missenOn the 29th of September, the St. Augustine church was news in the Telegraaf, the largest Dutch daily morning newspaper. There it reads:

St. Augustine church too dangerous for Mass – 29 September 2016 – Tessa Heerschop

UTRECHT – The St. Augustine church is immediately closed to the public. Recently fell a piece of plaster from the ceiling to the floor. Despite that the mass would begin only half an hour later, were already present twenty persons. No one was hit.

The St. Augustine church is already for quite a while in scaffolds and was being renovated from both in and outside. In fact these works are not related with the fall of the debris, according Fr. Ton Huitink:

“The church goes until the St. Jacobstraat and the Rozenstraat. There are constant works in the Bijenkorf shopping mall, the parking garage and in the street. The church is an old building, that possibly could not withstand all the vibration.”

In the past the church suffered cracks due to works in the city. “Then we didn’t immediately rang the bell, when all the costs came from our own account. This time lets conduct a good investigation to understand the cause”, says Fr. Huitink.

The city hall, the contractor and an expert are conducting investigations. “We don’t know exactly what is happening. If there is a piece loose, why doesn’t fall the rest? That is why no one is allowed in church.”

The St. Augustine church is the only Catholic church that is opened daily for the public and that has mass in both Dutch and English. The masses are meanwhile being celebrated in the St. Catherine cathedral in the Lang Nieuwstraat.

Daily, during the weekdays, come around thirty people to mass, the most are visitors and tourists. On Sundays sit in the church’s benches between hundred and two hundred people.

All Saints’ day – 1st November and All Souls’ day – 2nd November

Next Tuesday, the 1st of November, the Catholic church celebrates the All Saints’ day, a solemnity in honor of all the saints. In several countries this is an holiday and a day of obligation to attend Mass.
In the Netherlands this day is instead celebrated in the Sunday after, being this year on the 6th of November.

allsaintsIf you wish to attend mass on this day, in Dutch, you can do it in the following times and places:

372px-william-adolphe_bouguereau_1825-1905_-_the_day_of_the_dead_1859Also on the 2nd of November is celebrated the All Souls’ day. The times and places of the masses on that day are the same than for the All Saints’ day.


This Sunday running event – Church might be difficult to reach

singelloopThis Sunday, the 2nd of October, there is a running event in Utrecht – Singelloop.
Some streets will be closed to traffic and the St. Catherine Cathedral might be difficult to reach.
If you are coming by car allow some extra time to deal with possible delays.

For more information please consult the official website: www.singellooputrecht.nl

Also we would like to remind you that it is not permitted to park in front of the cathedral except in the marked spaces. For help finding a parking place in the center please consult the information on this website: www.parkeren-utrecht.nl

St. Augustine’s church update

We tried to find out what further information we could give regarding the accident with the structure of St. Augustine’s church.

It is too early to tell when there will be once again celebrations in St. Augustine’s church. The ceiling needs to be checked by officials. Their advice will be important in the decision to when to use the church again. As for now we think the church will not be ready before Christmas.

In the attached pictures you can see the pieces that came down and spread through the whole church. No one is allowed to enter until further notice because it is not safe.

As announced before, and already happened last Sunday, the English Mass will be held in the St. Catherine’s Cathedral (Lange Nieuwstraat 36) for the time being, at the same time, 12.30.
The Parish center is not damaged and can be used for other church activities such as choir practice, bible studies, prayer meetings and others.

On Sunday morning the choir practice can be held in the chapter room in the Cathedral. After mass there will be confessions in the Cathedral as it was usual in St. Augustine. Coffee and tea can be organized in the “Bonifacius huis” in the Nieuwegracht, around the corner of the Cathedral.

In conclusion, we expect everything to work as it was before, just in a different place.
We’ll be providing updates as the situation progresses and as we have more news.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach us via the email: team@englishmassutrecht.nl

Pilgrimage to Mechelen – Belgium

On Saturday, the 22nd of October 2016, the Banneux N.D. Organization for Asian Pilgrims invites you to join us in this pilgrimage.

355px-st-romboutskathedraal3Mechelen lies on the major urban and industrial axis Brussels – Antwerp, about 25 km from each city. The area of Mechelen was assumedly Christianized by the Irish or Scottish missionary St. Rumbold, which explains the name of one of Flanders’ most important churches : Saint Rumbold’s Cathedral of Mechelen.

City rights were granted by the Duke of Brabant, John II in 1303, and Mechelen was in those days a trading competitor of Antwerp, a few ten kilometers north of the city. In the 15th century, the city was ruled by the Dukes of Burgundy, and it prospered. Charles the Bold moved political bodies to Mechelen, and the city served as the seat of the Superior Court for centuries.

For a short while in the first half of the 16th century, Mechelen was the capital of the Low Countries (present day Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg) under Archduchess Margaret of Austria. Charles V, the Holy Roman Emperor, spent his early years in Mechelen.

Mechelen’s fortunes turned with the rise of Brussels during the later 16th century. It did become a religious center with the establishment of the Archdiocese of Mechelen in 1559. In 1572, the city was sacked by the Spanish. The fortified walls of the city (only one gate is standing now) were destroyed under the rule of Joseph II, the Holy Roman Emperor, in 1781.

The first railway on the European continent was between Brussels and Mechelen (1835).


Bus leaves from Central Nederland.

7.40: Gerrit Witsehof 6, 3813MP Amersfoort.
8.15: Zeist
8.45 – 9.00: Duivendrecht station. (Euroline bus stop)
13.00 – 13.30: Holy mass in Cathedral
14.30: free time
19.00: Leaving from Mechelen, back to the Netherlands.

Cost for the travelling: 35 EUR
Special price for students: 25 EUR !

Further information:

Coordinator for Asian Pilgrims,
Francis A.X.Pathmarajah,
G. Witsehof 6, 3813 MP, Amersfoort, Netherlands
Tel&Fax: 033-4806902, www.boap.nl,
E-mail: banneuxpilgrimage@yahoo.com