Singelloop Utrecht 2017


This Sunday, the 1st October, it will take place in the center of Utrecht the annual running event known as Singelloop.

If you come to mass by car, bus or bike you should count with some delays.

So please plan carefully your next visit to the English Mass. For more information about the event you can check their website:


Request for volunteers to help with restauration of the St. Augustine church

augustineThe restauration works in the St. Augustine church are going underway. Last time we asked for volunteers to move the church benches, for which we had lots of helping hands! Thank you very much!

The church is now empty and the removal of asbestos is almost done. What needs to happen now is to remove the wooden floors. Again, we need a lot of hands to get the job done, removing the wood, bring it outside the church and then clean up the church.

In short, there is a lot of work to do and we want to ask for your help.
If you are interested please join on this date:

When: Saturday, the 14th October
Start: 09:00 am
Stop: When the job is done 😊
Where: St. Augustine pastoral center, Rozenstraat 1 Utrecht

If you want to help us let us know you are coming by sending a message to

Looking forward to work with you!
Kind regards,

On behalf of Michel Dankers

TaizĂ© prayer + Open meal Thursday evening September, 21


Upcoming Thursday, September 21, the doors will be open for the monthly Taizé youth prayer in Utrecht! You are welcome from 20:00 on. There will be the possibility for silence, before the prayer starts at 20:15.

To share the fun of the preparation team, this month you are also invited for the Open Meal. At 18:00 the dinner will start, after which it’ll be followed by the preparation and set-up all for the Monthly prayer. You are invited to be part as well. So if you’re interested and would like to meet the preparation team, laugh and eat with them, please subscribe via the separate Facebook event, or reply to this

For more information, you can also visit the Facebook event.

The Taizé team is also looking for new musicians (preference for piano) and people to strengthen the team! Would you like to join the enthusiastic team and support them once a month with the Taizé prayer preparations? Please let them know via email or reach out to them before or after the prayer! (Or join during the Open Meal!).

On behalf of Reinier van den Assum, from the Taizé Utrecht group.

Movie afternoon on Sunday, September 17th: “Psalm 23”

psalm23Psalm 23 has been popular for thousands of years. The psalm is very visual and reminds us that life has its uncertainties, fears, pain and sorrow. There are times in which our resources, our wisdom and our strength simply fall short. During such periods, we do not have to despair but we may continue in the firm assurance that we are not alone. There is One Who is with us, who knows us, cares for us and leads us. There is a way through all the difficulties past the low point.

Psalm 23 helps us to stand still, to take a deep breath and remind ourselves of the bigger picture, so that we can view our situation with certainty, courage, confidence and hope.

Where: Coffee room St. Augustine Church, PASTORAAL CENTRUM, Rozenstraat 1, (next to Q-PARK parking garage LA VIE) Utrecht

When: Sunday September 17th, 14:30

Speaker: Fr. O. Swijnenberg

St. Augustine feast 2017



On Sunday the 3rd of September, we will celebrate the St. Augustine day!

As we do usually on other years, we will celebrate this day together with the Dutch community. Therefore the mass will take place at 10:30. There will be no mass celebration at 12:30.

On this day we will have the presence of the Cantemus Domino choir, of the Dutch community, which will sing together with the choir of the English Mass.

We also ask for your help! For this feast we would like to invite everyone to please bring some snack, cookies or cake from your home country to share with the others. This way we get to taste a bit of all the exotic variety of snacks from the members of our community!

It will be a great party, please come and celebrate with us!

Free guided tour Dom Church and Old Catholic Church Utrecht


When: 19th of August
Time: 13:30 – 17:00
Where: meeting point entrance Dom Church
Henk Scholte will give a free guided tour about the history and architecture of the Dom Church and Old Catholic Church of Utrecht from 13:30 -17:00.
Afterwards there is the opportunity for an extended programme at own expense:
enjoy a cup of coffee, go to mass at Saint Catherine’s Cathedral at 18:30, have dinner afterwards at Mr. Jacks and finish the night with lighting a candle during the Night of Light in the Cathedral.
To register for the tour or for more information please contact:
Anne Louis Cammenga – 06-81833071.


Consultation for the synod about the youth


A couple of months ago we announced about the synod about the youth that the Pope is preparing.

In the fall of 2018 the bishops of the Roman catholic church in Rome come together to speak about the youth. As preparation for this meeting, the Pope Francis sent a list of questions to the bishops. These documents were sent in a previous email and can be found here:

The pastoral team of the parish of Utrecht does not want the questions of the pope immediately answered, the team wants first to introduce them to the youth of the city.

The priests want to hear the audience about what the faith and the church mean to them.

For this talk, we invite everyone, that is Roman catholic in Utrecht, in the age between 16 and 29 years old.

You are most welcome on Saturday, the 2nd September in the pastoral center H. Johannes de Doper-H. Bernardus Oranje Nassaulaan 2, 3523 VR Utrecht.

The meeting begins at 14:00 and ends at 17:00, at which point comes the moment to have a meal with everyone. The close time is at 18:30 in de pastoral center with a Taizé celebration.

Please register before the 31st of August in the secretariat of the parish of St. Martinus, tel. 030-2546147, e-mail:

For more information please contact: Gerrit Jan Westerveld, e-mail: or tel. 030-2963078



Future of the parishes

Catharijnekerk Last year the parishes of Utrecht took their first steps in the process of merging into one city parish. This newsletter relates the progress that is made until now.

Pastoral plan

The pastoral team, e.g. the priests, are working on a new plan to give direction to the future of the catholic church in Utrecht. In summary these are the main lines of thinking:

  • The foundation of our community lies in the meeting and following of Christ. From that perspective we are hospitable and have an eye for vulnerable people and the poor. We contribute to a sustainable creation.
  • We should continuously look for a deepening of our faith. In conversations, readings and debates about our faith, we can show what our faith means to us. This means we have to show ourselves during events in the city (such as Cultural Sundays).
  • We also must realise that the new generation has a different view of the church and has different expectations. Hence, we must look for new ways of meeting each other.
  • The sacramental celebrations and the liturgical quality will be focused in (two as is the expectation now) city churches. In pastoral support points in the different neighbourhoods of Utrecht and in house churches we will develop new ways op share are nurture our faith.

Future of the buildings

The boards of the three parishes of Utrecht want to make an integral plan for the church buildings in Utrecht. In the parishes of Ludgerus and Martinus church buildings have already been closed. The boards expect to need only two city churches to celebrate Holy Mass. Besides these two churches, they want to maintain support points where the communities can meet in prayer, catechism and diocese.  

Coming months the boards want to verify if these plans are right and feasible in three ways:

  1. The foundation ‘Kerkelijk waardebeheer’ executes a research on all eleven church buildings and their perspective for the future (maintenance, sale or re-destination).
  2. The boards will speak with the parishioners concerning the future of the church buildings, this will be planned in September.
  3. The boards are making an inventory on the expectations of church attendance, number of volunteers, the vitality of the community and the needs in the different neighbourhoods of Utrecht.

At the end of the year, all data will be collected and used in the decision-making concerning which church buildings will be used as city churches.

For the other church buildings the boards will look into establishing pastoral support points in those neighbourhoods. It might be possible that the church building can be developed in combination with other users and the community can keep using the building. Sometimes alternative spaces need to be found. It is a condition that a financially responsible exploitation arises.

In September, meetings will be held in five different places in Utrecht, to discuss these plans. Further details about these meetings will be announced by that time.

Communication – a new parish bulletin and website

Currently a group of people is working hard on a new parish bulletin and a new website.

In September the first edition of the new parish bulletin will be issued. Each issue of the magazine will focus on a certain theme. Information from the 13 communities of Utrecht will only be included when the information is of interest and importance to the other communities as well.

The online presence of the parish and its communities will change based on a Content Management System: a database which includes all news items, articles, agenda-information community information. This information can be used on the new website, digital newsletters, or through Facebook and twitter.

The new to form website will have a ‘My parish’ section, in which every parishioner can indicate through filters which information they would like to receive.

Each community will continue to maintain it’s own website and communication.

Next steps

After the summer the three parish boards will merge into one board. That board will be responsible for the three parishes that continue to exist a while longer.

The first citywide parish bulletin will be issued in September.

In November we expect that the merging of the secretariats have taken place.

By Advent we hope to be able to launch a new parish website.

Our English Community website will keep existing.

The English Mass Coordination Team

on behalf of the,

Committee merging parishes Utrecht
Projectleader: René Grotenhuis

Join the choir!

Every mass you can hear us sing full of enthusiasm.


After mass sometimes people tell me, I can’t sing like that. But if you sing along with the radio in your car or during cooking, you can definitely join us!!

We are a friendly bunch of people that are always looking for more people to join us. We generally rehearse on Friday evening at 20:00 in the coffee and tea room at the st. Augustine and Sunday morning at 11:00 in the Kapitel hall of the Cathedral.

For those that play an instrument, we would be super happy if you want to join!!!

It doesn’t matter if you can only join once a month. Our choir is very flexible and you are welcome to join whenever you can. If you want to join us you can sign up for the weekly mail with the songs through

Hope to welcome you!