Program St. Augustine feast


On Saturday, the 7th of September we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the St. Augustine feast.

We start at 12:00 with the mass celebration in the chapel of the Augustinian sisters (Waterstraat 2) together with Fr. Schrama. There will be children catechism during the celebration.

After the celebration, at 13:15, we organize a festive lunch with activities in the coffee and tea room of the St. Augustine church.

Fr. Boogers will talk about the ongoing fusion process of the catholic parishes of Utrecht. Cor van Breukelen from the construction group will talk about the preparations for the restauration of the St. Augustine church. After that some volunteers will be congratulated for their work so far. Last but not least, the a small concert will be given by the Cantemus Domino choir and the English Mass choir.

Also we want to restore an old tradition: the St. Augustine feast potluck! We ask the parishioners to cook or bake something from their own country and share with the community. It is always a great way to get to know and taste some exquisite delicacies from far away lands! If you are interested in participating please let us know in advance, so we can make sure there is food for everyone.

We hope to see you on Saturday the 7th September.


Correction about the extra Sunday Mass


Regarding the first Extra Sunday Mass, we want to correct a small miscommunication that we have informed before.
We would indeed like to share that we received the green light to start a Latin Novus Ordo Mass, but the first mass will be celebrated on September 15, 2019 and every following Sunday of the month of September. And from Sunday 13 October every 2nd, 3rd, 4th and possibly 5th Sunday of the month!

The other activities such as the rosary prayer and the adoration, which will keep the cathedral open all Sunday afternoon, also will only start on Sunday 15 September.

On 8 September, we invite the community to participate in the Sint Willibrord procession from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m, followed by Vespers in the Catherine Cathedral. The procession starts at the statue of the saint at the Janskerkhof. Join this important and moving tradition of Utrecht and let’s show to this beautiful city how wonderful it is to be a Catholic and to love our God through His saints, such as our holy Willibrord.

With that said, the focus will be on Sunday 1 September on the first Tridentine mass in the cathedral at 5 p.m. (without prior rosary and adoration), on Sunday 8 September on the Willibrord procession at 4 pm and on Sunday 15 September on the first Sunday afternoon opening of the St. Catherine’s Cathedral with rosary at 2.30 pm, adoration at 4 pm and the first Novus Ordo Latin mass at 5 pm!

On behalf of Humberto Consolo, from the organization team.

St. Willibrord procession 2019

sint-willibrordOn the 8th of September the annual St. Willibrord procession takes place to remember what St. Willibrord has done for us and to unite in our faith.

On the 8th of September at 16:00 the procession leaves from the statue of Saint Willibrord on Janskerkhof and ends in the Cathedral with a vesper service. At 17:15 there is a get together in the Bonifaciushuis, Nieuwegracht 61.

During this procession we can show Utrecht that our catholic faith is still very much alive and important to us.

News about the renovation of the St. Augustine church

2-st-augustine-renovationOn the 13th of June the parish board and the builders had a meeting in which the plans for restoration of the St. Augustine church were discussed. The original plan has been extended to renovate not only the roof but also the rooms adjacent to the church.

Some preliminary research must first take place and quotes are requested from a number of contractors. This was followed with a meeting on the 13th of July with the municipality and the central office of Monuments and Cultural Heritage (Rijksdienst Monumenten en Cultureel Erfgoed).

The budget and planning are being made and need to be approved by the Diocese and the building permits need to be approved. The builders expect to be able to start in November 2019 with renovations.

St. Augustine feast 2019

1-feastOn Saturday the 7th of September at 12.00 we will have once again the St. Augustine feast!
This time it will be organised in the Chapel of the sisters Saint Augustine in the Waterstraat 2 in Utrecht, nearby the St. Augustine church.

At 13.00 we plan to have a festive lunch and activities in the coffee and tearoom of the St. Augustine church, Rozenstraat 1.

It is now 10 years the Dutch and English speaking community are celebrating the St. Augustine feast together and we would like to continue this tradition.

We invite you to come and bring a dish from your home country to share.

Assumption solemnity 2019

assumptionOn the 15th of August, the Catholic church celebrates the Assumption of Mary into heaven.

Unfortunately there isn’t a mass celebration in English scheduled for the Assumption tomorrow.

However there are 2 celebrations you might want to attend in Dutch:
* At 12:30 in the Augustinian sisters chapel, in the Waterstraat 2, Utrecht or
* At 19:00 in the St. Catherine cathedral.

Sunday Latin Mass from September onwards


The green light was given to start a Latin Novus Ordo Mass from the Sunday of 8th September 2019 and every following Sunday of the month.

As you already may know, at the first week of the month from September to December there will be a Tridentine Mass every first week of the month, beginning on Sunday 1st of September 2019. This means that every week there will be an extra Late Sunday Mass for everyone.

Furthermore, in the Catherine Cathedral there will be more activities on Sunday afternoon:

  • Rosary from 14:30 to 15:30 and
  • Adoration from 16:00 to 17:00.

We are kindly invited to honour God in the Catherine Cathedral, Lange Nieuwstraat 36, Utrecht, at 17:00 on the 1st and 8th of September and every following Sunday, and show your support to our priests, chorus, and volunteers who are working hard to make this happen.

New alternative mass schedule for Sundays at 5PM


Some time ago we sent out a questionnaire about interest in an extra mass on Sunday afternoon.

It has been decided that this mass will be planned for Sundays at 5 PM, starting on the 2nd week of September.

The organization however is still searching for a sacristan that can help with preparing and cleaning up the church.

The tasks will be to open the Cathedral before 5 PM, to close it after 6 PM and to arrange eveything inside so that the mass can be celebrated. It is a pure volunteer work, that should be performed as part of a team in a rotating schedule.

If you are willing to help please let the organization know by sending an email to the following address, letting them know how often can you help (once every 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 … weeks?)

Humberto Consolo –