Happy Birthday Catharijne Kathedraal

Today at 19:00 we have a Holy mass in English at the Catherina Cathedral

Saturday, 22nd August we celebrated the birthday of the Catherina Cathedral. There will be a special concert for the celebration for which we will share more information.

On 5th September @ 12:00 there will be a special mass at St. Alloysius church to celebrate the feast of St. Augustine. You are welcome to join.

Have a blessed week ahead ūüôā

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Go into my vineyard

Join and be welcome in the Holy Mass of sunday 23 august at 12.45 h. Celebrant will be Father John. Our choir will sing. (Of course safe in the Zig Zag mode) There will be a livestream. We hope we stay tuned this time.
Subscribe @ englishmassutrecht.mijnkerk.org

Happy feast of the Assumption of Mary to heaven

Today 15 august @ 18.30 there will be a Holy Mass because of Maria Acension in St. Catherine’s Cathedral. (Dutch)
Tomorrow @ 12.45 there will be a special English Mass. 5 people will have their confirmation. Father James will be the Celebrant in both Masses. Sunday there will be a livestream. Don’t forget to register for sunday: englishmassutrecht.mijnkerk.org

English Mass Utrecht

Mass 09, August

Welcome again this sunday @ 12.45 for our English Mass with livestream in St. Catherines Cathedral. Father Kuipers will be the celebrant. Please join us. Reservations can be made here‚ě°ÔłŹ englishmassutrecht.mijnkerk.org

Welcome again this sunday @ 12.45 for our English Mass with livestream in St. Catherines Cathedral. Father Kuipers will be the celebrant. Please join us. Reservations can be made here‚ě°ÔłŹ englishmassutrecht.mijnkerk.

Still no public masses for the time being

We regret to inform that we won’t be able to resume the public masses starting on the 1st of June.
Previously we announced this would be possible but not in our community.

The previous announcement had to do with the general protocols for the Catholic church in the Netherlands, defined by the Bishops. The protocol can be found here in English and Spanish: https://englishmassutrecht.nl/corona-virus/

Each specific parish will need to come up with specific measures to make sure that this protocol is followed. At this point our parish coordination (the Catharinaberaad) still wasn’t able to find the best solution to implement the protocol.

The following meeting of the Catharinaberaad will be on the 8th of June. They will then determine if it’s possible to resume the public masses by the Sunday after (14th of June).

We will continue to follow the deliberations of the Catharinaberaad, and we will let you know when we have more information. Until then the masses will continue to be streamed as usual. For the time being the streaming will continue in the Rafael church and in due time from the St. Catherine cathedral.

We will keep everyone posted.

Public masses to be resumed in June

UPDATE: This post is no longer valid, please check the new post here: https://englishmassutrecht.nl/2020/05/29/still-no-public-masses-for-the-time-being/

Good news!

On the 20th of May 2020 all the Dutch Bishops together have determined the protocol ‘Church life on one and a half meter’.
Starting from the 1st June 2020 onward public services in the churches can be resumed with a maximum of 30 people according to all other guidelines of the RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment).
From the 1st of June no Holy Communion will be handed out. That will happen from Sunday the 14th of June onward when in the Dutch diocese we will celebrate Corpus Christi day.

The protocol that will be send to the parishes and institutions by the bishop of his diocese, contains three parts. The first part is addressed to all the believers and provides guidelines to celebrate the liturgy in the churches together in a safe and dignified way. The second part is addressed to the ministers in accordance of the performance of their specific tasks in the liturgy. The third part is more specifically addressed and written for a safe use of the church buildings with rules for arrangements and logistics inside the church building, in accordance of the guidelines of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment and by the specific character of the liturgy.

Perspective of Celebrating Together

The bishops emphasize the importance for parishes and institutions to work with diligence to guarantee as good as possible the safety of the church buildings. They are glad that now there is again a perspective of celebrating the Holy Mass together. Starting with 30 and hopefully from the 1st of July onward, with 100 believers.

Reference and more details (in Dutch): https://www.rkkerk.nl/protocol-voor-publieke-vieringen-in-de-r-k-kerk-vanaf-1-juni-uitreiking-heilige-communie-vanaf-14-juni

Sunday Mass streamed from the Rafael church

rafaelStarting this Sunday, the 24th of May, the English Mass will start to be streamed from the Rafael church, in Utrecht-Overvecht, with Fr. James.
On the Pentecosts mass, the 31st of May, Fr. Boogers will be the celebrating priest, also on the Rafael church.

The mass will be streamed at the usual time – 12:30 –¬†on YouTube¬†instead of on our Facebook page, on the Rafael church channel:


We will provide the exact link to the streaming when the time comes.

Streamed talks on the Holy Spirit with Br. John

holy-spiritBr. John be giving a series of daily¬†Talks on the Holy Spirit¬†from this Thursday (21st May) until Pentecost Sunday (31st May) – the exact time called the “Cenacle” when the disciples gathered with Mary to prepare for receiving the Holy Spirit.

11am every day (except 26th & 28th, then at 4pm)

On the Katholieke Studenten Utrecht Facebook page: https://fb.com/katholiekesu

On the menu: what is the Holy Spirit, what are the 7 Gifts and why they’re so essential, what are “charisms” and who is “charismatic”??? the Holy Spirit in the Bible, and “living a spirit-filled life”… And all your many questions ūüėČ

Each talk will be posted immediately so watch live or play later.