Schedule for Christmas Celebration

Schedule of Christmas celebrations in St. Catherine’s:

Only when English Mass is written, the Mass will be in English. We try to have livestream where possible. Register at or

For the 25th of December we open the registration the 21st of December around 21.00. Every H. Mass can only be attended by 30 people. (due to Covid 19). Merry Christmas. Stay safe and healthy.

24 December 17.00 h, Special Online Children’s Mass. Father Hans, Livestream at youtube:

24 December 21.00 h, Online Christmas Eve Celebration. Cardinal Wim Eijk, livestream at youtube:

25 December 10.30 h, Christmas, Cardinal Wim Eijk, livestream:

25 December 12.45 h, English Mass, livestream on Facebook page of English Mass Utrecht

26 December 10.30 h, Boxing Day, Father H. van Doorn