Cancelled: Late Sunday Latin Mass (17:00)


We are sorry to inform you that permission was not given for the start of rosary (14:30), adoration (16:00) and an Extra Mass in Latin (17:00) on Sunday, that would make the St. Catherine Cathedral stay open all Sunday.
The diocese overturned the priest’s decision, so all these initiatives are cancelled.

From this September on we have the following new Mass Schedule in the St. Catherine Cathedral:

  • Saturday 18:30 H. Mass with organ in the chapel;
  • Sunday 10:30 Dutch H. Mass with choir;
  • Sunday 12:30 English H. Mass with choir, afterwards confession possibility;


  • Monday 18:30 rosary, 19:00 H. Mass, 19.30 adoration. All in the chapel (Dutch) with priest students;
  • Tuesday 19:00 H.Mass in the chapel (Dutch);
  • Wednesday 18:30 rosary 19:00 H. Mass: both in the chapel (Dutch);
  • Thursday 19:00 H. Mass in the chapel (Dutch);
  • Friday 19:00 H. Mass in the chapel (Dutch).