St. Augustine petition is now online


Last Saturday, 13th of April, the action committee for the St. Augustine church sent a letter to auxiliary bishop Woorts.
In this letter there was a protest about the standstill situation and plans to the board. They are waiting for a reply.

Online petition
The petition about the standstill situation that started on paper is now online here:

If you didn’t sign the petition on paper you can now sign it online. Please do not sign the petition more than once.

To sign it please fill in your data and send. You will receive a link in your email. Please confirm it otherwise your signature is not registered.

If you know more people that are interested in signing the petition please share the link:

Plans for collecting donations
There are already several plans to collect donations shared with the committee, but if you have more ideas please send them to the committee via this email address:

The committee will make an overview about their ideas next week in a presentation.