Do you support this petition to keep the St. Augustine church?

Since September 2016 the St. Augustine church suddenly closed it’s doors due to utrecht-augustinuskerkrenovation of the church. The costs for renovation had been paid by collections within the community and the subsidy of Foundation Erfgoedparels. The renovation has been put on hold for a considerable time now and the future of the St. Augustine is uncertain. The community of st. Augustine likes to restart and finish the renovations, so that the church can be re-opened and kept to regain it’s church and social functions. The St. Augustine still has a closely knit and active community in which many volunteers organize different activities. Also the choir Cantemus Domino has it’s basis in the St. Augustine. The church also has a social function for the inner city.

If you are interested in signing, you can find the petition in cathedral next to the other leaflets.

The organization is working on putting the petition online, we will let you know when it is available.

Don’t let the St. Augustine church close it’s doors permanently and let an important monument be lost to the highest bidder!

Keep the st. Augustine for Utrecht and Holland. Sign the petition!