Questionnaire: Extra Sunday Mass in Catherine Cathedral


An initiative to have a mass on Sunday late afternoon is starting to form. This initiative comes from one of our concerned parishioners – Humberto Consolo Holanda – which at the time of the information meetings about the future of the Catholic Church in Utrecht, was afraid of the future of the church in Utrecht.

After meditating and thinking on potential initiatives to give some new life and spirit for the Church, he came up with this idea to have a mass scheduled on Sunday late afternoon. This would specially be targeted at the young people who go out on Saturday and sleep over during Sunday morning, missing the Holy Mass normal schedule.

For the sake of understanding the potential viability of this late Sunday Mass, he made a questionnaire to understand the opinions of the community and parishioners.

For the ones interested in such an initiative, could you answer the questionnaire here: ? It will only take 2 minutes of your time to answer the questions, and it will be much appreciated.