Information session about the St. Augustine Church on April 6


To the Salvator parishioners: With the recent decision not to
sell the St. Catherine’s church from worship (and with it, remains cathedral), the St. Catherine’s Cathedral is once again offered future prospects.

That still does not apply to the Augustine Church in the center of Utrecht, which is also part of the Salvator parish. The Augustine church has been closed for two and a half years and now for a long time no information has been provided about the future of this church. It is now really necessary that this uncertainty comes to an end!

The Augustine community has remained vital over the past two and a half years and wants to stay that way! That is why an information meeting is going to be organized on the 6th of April during the monthly meeting in the parish center of the St. Augustine church (immediately after the Eucharistic celebration) at around 13:00.

The parish board has been invited to inform our religious community and – where possible – to answer the numerous questions that have been raised by everyone about the restoration and future plans of the St. Augustine Church.

You are all cordially invited to be present! You can also email your questions earlier to Your questions can then be shared in advance with the members of the parish board, so that they can prepare as well as possible for this information afternoon. Don’t miss this opportunity to answer your questions!