St. Catherine church stays Cathedral

A decision was made regarding the cathedral:

eijk-catharinaThe St. Catherine church will NOT be sold and will stay cathedral and at the service of the community.

Taking into consideration the lack of vitality of the community of the cathedral the coordination of the parish considered selling the cathedral.

The archbishop of Utrecht, cardinal Eijk, was made aware of these plans and due to several protests of the community and the role of the St. Catherine church as cathedral, and the national seat of the catholic church in the Netherlands, the plans were abandoned.

The coordination of the parish will now take into consideration other means to collect funds for the parish and to assure a healthy vitality for the future. For this the archbishop encourages the speed-up of the plans to fuse the parishes of the center of the city – Salvator, St. Ludgerus and St. Martinus.

The coordination of the parish is also arranging with the Catherijnconvent museum for a stronger collaboration and further promote the public access of the cathedral as part of the unique late middle age monastery complex where the museum is placed.