TOMORROW! – Meeting of the English Mass community

catherineLast Thursday, the 7th February, the parish of Utrecht board announced their plans to sell the Cathedral to the Catharijne convent for a symbolic amount of 1 EUR. After which they intent to restart the renovation of the St. Augustine church. Their goal is to keep one church open in the city center where all activities will be centered. Their planned timeline is within 2-3 years. These plans are in line with the plans of the Diocese. The board uses arguments of vitality as main reason, financial reasons as secondary arguments. They will start up the official procedures starting with a hearing on the 18th of February. During this hearing well founded objections can be made by the parishioners, these objections will need to be considered and addressed in further decision-making. Therefore we need to hear your voice now.

The English Mass coordination team would like to hear the opinion of our community. Therefore we invite you tomorrow(!), the 10th February, after mass at 14:00 in the coffee and tea room of the Cathedral, Nieuwegracht 61 to share your thoughts with us.