Documentary St. Patrick, 18th of March

st-patrickSt. Patrick (born between 385 and 401, died on March 17, 461) is the most famous canonized missionary of Ireland. He has worked in the fifth century. The precise date of the beginning of his activities is not known or from his birth.

He was brought from his home, Britain, to Ireland as a boy, when he was 16, by Irish pagans. There he became a shepherd and learned the local language. After he had a vision he fled and he returned to his parents, but according to another legend he was brought to Gaul by a pagan Irish after 6 years. He went to the priesthood training in Auxerre in the then Gaul. Today he is regarded as the most known Irish saint.

The holiday of St. Patrick, March 17, St. Patrick’s Day, is the national holiday of Ireland.

On Sunday the 18th of March, at 14:30, there will be a movie afternoon where we will talk about St. Patrick’s life and work.

It will take place in the Pastoral center of the St. Augustine church, and Fr. Kuipers will be the speaker.

Hope to count on your presence!