A visit of two of our parishioners to Paris

collage-parisOn the 22nd September, our parishioners Anne Louis Cammenga and Stefina de Boer visited Paris as pilgrims, visiting many of its churchs.

They started with the church St. Nicolas de Chardonnet where they attended the holy mass in the morning. They moved on to the church of St. Etienne du Mont, a beautiful renaissance gothic church, were they attended a mass dedicated to children of the local primary schools.

St. Eustache was next, where they visited the tombs of some famous people there buried: Minister Colbert, the mother of Mozart.

After this church our parishioners visited St. Germain des Prés, the oldest church in Paris, where there is a statue of St. John Paul II.

The last one they visited was Saint-Sulpice, where they also took the time to visit the crypts of the many famous people there buried.

They finished their visited to Paris with a relaxed visit to the garden of the Luxembourg Palace.

Our two parishioners had a great time in Paris and they recommend to everyone in the community. Maybe a good idea to visit churches with members of our community next year?

We will consider planning a visit of our group to Paris.

If you wish to read more details about this trip please visit Anne Louis blog (in Dutch): http://bit.ly/2zh95KK