Request for volunteers to help with restauration of the St. Augustine church

augustineThe restauration works in the St. Augustine church are going underway. Last time we asked for volunteers to move the church benches, for which we had lots of helping hands! Thank you very much!

The church is now empty and the removal of asbestos is almost done. What needs to happen now is to remove the wooden floors. Again, we need a lot of hands to get the job done, removing the wood, bring it outside the church and then clean up the church.

In short, there is a lot of work to do and we want to ask for your help.
If you are interested please join on this date:

When: Saturday, the 14th October
Start: 09:00 am
Stop: When the job is done 😊
Where: St. Augustine pastoral center, Rozenstraat 1 Utrecht

If you want to help us let us know you are coming by sending a message to

Looking forward to work with you!
Kind regards,

On behalf of Michel Dankers