Taizé prayer + Open meal Thursday evening September, 21


Upcoming Thursday, September 21, the doors will be open for the monthly Taizé youth prayer in Utrecht! You are welcome from 20:00 on. There will be the possibility for silence, before the prayer starts at 20:15.

To share the fun of the preparation team, this month you are also invited for the Open Meal. At 18:00 the dinner will start, after which it’ll be followed by the preparation and set-up all for the Monthly prayer. You are invited to be part as well. So if you’re interested and would like to meet the preparation team, laugh and eat with them, please subscribe via the separate Facebook event, or reply to this info@taizeinutrecht.nl.

For more information, you can also visit the Facebook event.

The Taizé team is also looking for new musicians (preference for piano) and people to strengthen the team! Would you like to join the enthusiastic team and support them once a month with the Taizé prayer preparations? Please let them know via email or reach out to them before or after the prayer! (Or join during the Open Meal!).

On behalf of Reinier van den Assum, from the Taizé Utrecht group.