Movie afternoon on Sunday, September 17th: “Psalm 23”

psalm23Psalm 23 has been popular for thousands of years. The psalm is very visual and reminds us that life has its uncertainties, fears, pain and sorrow. There are times in which our resources, our wisdom and our strength simply fall short. During such periods, we do not have to despair but we may continue in the firm assurance that we are not alone. There is One Who is with us, who knows us, cares for us and leads us. There is a way through all the difficulties past the low point.

Psalm 23 helps us to stand still, to take a deep breath and remind ourselves of the bigger picture, so that we can view our situation with certainty, courage, confidence and hope.

Where: Coffee room St. Augustine Church, PASTORAAL CENTRUM, Rozenstraat 1, (next to Q-PARK parking garage LA VIE) Utrecht

When: Sunday September 17th, 14:30

Speaker: Fr. O. Swijnenberg