Consultation for the synod about the youth


A couple of months ago we announced about the synod about the youth that the Pope is preparing.

In the fall of 2018 the bishops of the Roman catholic church in Rome come together to speak about the youth. As preparation for this meeting, the Pope Francis sent a list of questions to the bishops. These documents were sent in a previous email and can be found here:

The pastoral team of the parish of Utrecht does not want the questions of the pope immediately answered, the team wants first to introduce them to the youth of the city.

The priests want to hear the audience about what the faith and the church mean to them.

For this talk, we invite everyone, that is Roman catholic in Utrecht, in the age between 16 and 29 years old.

You are most welcome on Saturday, the 2nd September in the pastoral center H. Johannes de Doper-H. Bernardus Oranje Nassaulaan 2, 3523 VR Utrecht.

The meeting begins at 14:00 and ends at 17:00, at which point comes the moment to have a meal with everyone. The close time is at 18:30 in de pastoral center with a Taizé celebration.

Please register before the 31st of August in the secretariat of the parish of St. Martinus, tel. 030-2546147, e-mail:

For more information please contact: Gerrit Jan Westerveld, e-mail: or tel. 030-2963078