Easter lunch!


After Sunday’s Easter Mass, we’ll have a celebrating lunch together. If you’d like to join, send a message to: choir.english.mass.utrecht@gmail.com

This invitation is open to all parishioners!

Details are as following:

WHEN? – 2.30 pm (after coffee & tea ) we gather at the coffee and tea place, Nieuwegracht 61.

WHERE? – We’ll decide the location after receiving replies. 2 options so far: Restaurant de Zakkendrager or Kimmade Vietnamese Food Village

HOW? – We have a budget of €250. Which will be divided by the headcounts equally, and you’ll pay for the extra costs (if occurred). For instance: we have a group of 25 people, each of us will have €10 as granted allowance. So if your meal costs €15, you’ll only need to pay for the extra €5.

RSVP by this Thursday (April 13rd 2017) to choir.english.mass.utrecht@gmail.com

so we can make reservations.