Christian community looking for a housemate

Ki Tov is a Christian community which had inspiration, among others, in Taizé. This kitov
community is located nearby the center of Utrecht.

In the highest floor live 8 students (5 women and 3 men) which have their own student life rhythm, but they are also concerned with the activities of the housemates below. As housemates they live really together: we eat regularly together, we come together, we study together, play or chill in a huge garden (that we share and maintain as a community). Further each one of them has the freedom to do his/her own stuff. Each monday evening we try to dine together with everyone. We organize then also the praying meeting, in a Taizé style, that takes place 2 times per day in the chapel of the community.

Regarding a room of around 9 m2 with built in loft bed, for about 260 EUR per month. There are two showers, two toilets and two kitchens (for 8 people) and a TV room. There are also some spaces that we share with the rest of the house, and we have a great garden. The house is located on the border of the Vogelenbuurt and the Tuinwijk: around 5 min biking from the UBB and the center, 20 min from the Uithof. A supermarket is also at walking distance.

They are looking for a student (m/v), in the age between 18 to 22 years old, that still has a plenty of study time for him/her self and an affinity for the christian faith and the spirituality of Taizé. They are looking for someone that searches to have fun with his/her housemates and with the community in general. They try also a couple of times per year to plan activities with the community for example in their amazing garden, chores in the house or have a meal together.

Are you interested to come to live with them, starting from the 7th of May? Then please send them a motivation message to the community of Ki Tov through the following email address: