Meeting Sunday April 9th: Perpetual Adoration in Utrecht

Perpetual AdorationMeeting Sunday April 9th: Perpetual Adoration in Utrecht
Jesus is always there when we need Him. Whenever we call upon Him, he answers.
We ask you to join and together make Perpetual Adoration in Utrecht happening.
As Christians we believe that Jesus is alive today in the Blessed Sacrament, living, dwelling and calling us to Himself. Perpetual adoration is our profession of faith that we truly believe that Jesus is here. Together, with all our love, hope and faith we can draw down God’s mercy on the world.
Please come to hear more about how you are needed and how you can help accomplish this wonderful blessing. If you’ve expressed interest already, please come to meet the others face to face.

Sunday, April 9th at 13.30 – Nieuwegracht 61 – room in the back to the left