24h for the Lord

24hLordIn 2014, Pope Francis took the initiative for a recollection worldwide to be held on the 4th Saturday of the time of Lent: “24 hours for the Lord.”

In 2017 this day is coinciding with the Solemnity of “Mary Annunciation.”

Mary, we invoke as Mother of the Church, including in Utrecht.

The worldwide Catholic Church we see in Utrecht particularly reflected in the English Community, presently in the St. Catharine Cathedral.

The program for Friday the 24th and Saturday the 25th of March will be:

  • (24th) 19:00 in the Cathedral: Stations of the Cross
  • 20:00 in the Peace Chapel: Sacramental Worship
  • (25th) 10:00 in the Cathedral: Sacramental Worship with:
    • inside: worship texts, Bible reading, meditation music, confession
    • outside: action on the cathedral square and meeting
  • 18:30 in the Cathedral: the usual evening Mass

Are you in for it?

  1. As a person: one hour nocturnal adoration, from Friday till Saturday?
  2. As a group: for common prayer during a certain hour on Saturday?

If so, please let Fr. Koos (James) Smits know, by sending an email to: p.ksmits@kpnmail.nl

The organization wholeheartedly appreciates!

On behalf of:

Fr Koos (James) Smits, Violet van Liebergen and Brother Ignatius-Maria (St. John)