Update on status of St. Augustine church

This week Fr. Ton Huitink published a video about a visit he did to the St. Augustine church with the restoration teams of the building and the organ.
In it Fr. Huitink explains that the church can’t be used at the moment due to the fact that a piece of the ceiling fell last year, from one of the rose forms sculpted there. The rose and it’s status is shown in the video.
Fr. Huitink explains that also the organ was restored, but cannot be placed at the moment because the balcony where it used to be is not stable and a new construction will be built to place it.
In the video we can see the people responsible for the organ project and also the ones for the restoration of the building.
Fr. Huitink finishes saying that he hopes that the church will be ready in the beginning of next year but not now due to safety reasons.

The full video is dutch spoken and can be found in Fr. Huitink Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ton.huitink

Left in picture the organ restorer Hans van Rossum