Afternoon Movie – The Vatican

vaticanWhen most people think about the Vatican they think about the Pope, the Roman Catholic Church and the impressive art and architecture. But the Papal State has much more to offer. This documentary gives you an intimate look at one of the most revered places in the world. You will be witness of the holy rituals that outsiders only rarely participate. Furthermore you will see the people – the religious leaders to the art restorers – who live in the Vatican. They tell what it is like to work in this nearly two thousand years old Institute.

An excellent documentary! The Vatican is as objective as possible displayed in short but bright parts, with respect for the Catholic Church. Impressive, informative and very complete!

This documentary will be shown in the Coffee room of the St. Augustine Church, on Sunday the 27th November, at 14:30.
Fr. O. Swijnenberg will speak after the documentary.