St. Augustine’s church update

We tried to find out what further information we could give regarding the accident with the structure of St. Augustine’s church.

It is too early to tell when there will be once again celebrations in St. Augustine’s church. The ceiling needs to be checked by officials. Their advice will be important in the decision to when to use the church again. As for now we think the church will not be ready before Christmas.

In the attached pictures you can see the pieces that came down and spread through the whole church. No one is allowed to enter until further notice because it is not safe.

As announced before, and already happened last Sunday, the English Mass will be held in the St. Catherine’s Cathedral (Lange Nieuwstraat 36) for the time being, at the same time, 12.30.
The Parish center is not damaged and can be used for other church activities such as choir practice, bible studies, prayer meetings and others.

On Sunday morning the choir practice can be held in the chapter room in the Cathedral. After mass there will be confessions in the Cathedral as it was usual in St. Augustine. Coffee and tea can be organized in the “Bonifacius huis” in the Nieuwegracht, around the corner of the Cathedral.

In conclusion, we expect everything to work as it was before, just in a different place.
We’ll be providing updates as the situation progresses and as we have more news.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach us via the email: