Pilgrimage to Mechelen – Belgium

On Saturday, the 22nd of October 2016, the Banneux N.D. Organization for Asian Pilgrims invites you to join us in this pilgrimage.

355px-st-romboutskathedraal3Mechelen lies on the major urban and industrial axis Brussels – Antwerp, about 25 km from each city. The area of Mechelen was assumedly Christianized by the Irish or Scottish missionary St. Rumbold, which explains the name of one of Flanders’ most important churches : Saint Rumbold’s Cathedral of Mechelen.

City rights were granted by the Duke of Brabant, John II in 1303, and Mechelen was in those days a trading competitor of Antwerp, a few ten kilometers north of the city. In the 15th century, the city was ruled by the Dukes of Burgundy, and it prospered. Charles the Bold moved political bodies to Mechelen, and the city served as the seat of the Superior Court for centuries.

For a short while in the first half of the 16th century, Mechelen was the capital of the Low Countries (present day Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg) under Archduchess Margaret of Austria. Charles V, the Holy Roman Emperor, spent his early years in Mechelen.

Mechelen’s fortunes turned with the rise of Brussels during the later 16th century. It did become a religious center with the establishment of the Archdiocese of Mechelen in 1559. In 1572, the city was sacked by the Spanish. The fortified walls of the city (only one gate is standing now) were destroyed under the rule of Joseph II, the Holy Roman Emperor, in 1781.

The first railway on the European continent was between Brussels and Mechelen (1835).


Bus leaves from Central Nederland.

7.40: Gerrit Witsehof 6, 3813MP Amersfoort.
8.15: Zeist
8.45 – 9.00: Duivendrecht station. (Euroline bus stop)
13.00 – 13.30: Holy mass in Cathedral
14.30: free time
19.00: Leaving from Mechelen, back to the Netherlands.

Cost for the travelling: 35 EUR
Special price for students: 25 EUR !

Further information:

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