Schedule Holy Week

The Holy week is approaching and there will be many celebrations during this time.
In English, however, we will only have Easter mass on Sunday at the usual time, 12:30.

Below follows the full schedule of celebrations, in case you don’t mind to attend a celebration in Dutch.

Maundy Thursday, March 24
10.00: Lamentations of Jeremiah (Dutch)
12.00-12.20: Confessions in the following languages: Dutch; French; German; English; Italian
16.00: No Vespers
17.00: Solemn Mass (Dutch)

Good Friday, March 25
10.00: Lamentations of Jeremiah (Dutch)
15.00: Stations of the cross (Dutch)

Holy Saturday, March 26
10.00: Lamentations of Jeremiah (Dutch)
11.15: Rosary (Dutch)
21.00: Holy Easter Vigil (Dutch)

Easter, March 27
9.45: Rosary (Dutch)
10.30: Solemn High Mass (Dutch)
12.30: Holy Mass in English
13.30: Confessional Opportunity in English and Dutch

Easter Monday, March 28
10.30: Eucharist with Cantor (Dutch)

In the St. Catherine cathedral there will also be celebrations in Dutch, for the full schedule please check below: