Rome pilgrimage

During Fr. Huitink’s last mass, he had the spontaneous idea to organize a pilgrimage to Rome. We are happy to announce that that idea is now a plan, and is as follows:

Dates: 11 to 16 November 2016

We’ll fly to Rome Fiumicino. At arrival and departure you’ll be brought to the airport and the 3*** hotel by private bus. In Rome, you’ll travel by public transport. You’ll visit the 4 Basilica’s, go to an audience with Pope Francis, have a Holy Mass on Sunday, have a city walk from the Spanish Steps to Piazza Navona and a city walk from Piazza Venezia to San Clemente. If there is time left, we’ll also visit the Jewish ghetto, and Trastevere.

In Rome Fr. Huitink will be our guide!

The pilgrimage is organized by catholic tour operator VNB, an operator in the Netherlands since 1883. They organize many pilgrimages each year for ±35.000 Catholics from The Netherlands to Holy places like Lourdes, Rome, the Holy Land, Fatima and Turkey and Greece for example. They collaborated in the past with Fr. Huitink.

Price: From € 839,00. We plan to provide facilities for those who can’t afford this value.

The program is still open for adaptation. You’ll probably have some questions or suggestions for us about this pilgrimage and that is why we are organizing an information day on the 21st of February, just after mass in the coffee and tea room. Fr. Huitink and a tour operator from VNB will be present. We can discuss our ideal pilgrimage.

Hope that you are as enthusiastic as we are about this pilgrimage and we’ll come back to you soon with more information.