Saints in image – Heaven is for Real

Heaven is real‘Heaven is for Real’ – ‘De Jongen Die In De Hemel Was‘ Is based on the number one bestseller of the New York Times.

‘Heaven is for Real’ is the true story of a father who finds the courage and the conviction to share an extraordinary experience of his son to the world. It is Colton, son of pastor Todd Burpo, who claims he has been, during a Near-Death Experience, in Heaven. Colton tells all the details of his incredible journey and talks about things from before his birth. Things he could not possibly know.

Where: Coffee room St. Augustine Church, Rozenstraat 1, Utrecht
When: Sunday November 29, 2:30 pm.

Mrs. Olga Versteegh will hold an introduction about what a Near-Death Experience is and try to answer your questions.
Get inspired by this impressive story and come to this movie! Whether you believe or not, you are most welcome!

The film commission of the Salvator Parish