Fr. Herman Lieberom health update

Fr.HermanDear brothers and sisters,

As you might already have heard, Fr. Herman Lieberom had a stroke.

It started on a Friday morning, the 30th of October, when he was reading some mass texts and he began to have difficulties reading. He paid no attention at that time, explaining the fact with his
advanced age.

In the afternoon on the same day, he had some accidents with his car, minor collisions with no bodily impact to his health. That triggered him to visit the doctor.

After some investigation the conclusion was that Fr. Herman had a stroke resulting in brain damage. The major consequence is that he lost sight in his left eye.

Fr. Ton Huitink spoke with him last Thursday and said that he looked healthy, but due to his vision impairment he was constantly surprised every time somebody turned up from the left side.

Fr. Huitink confirmed to us that Fr. Herman won’t be able to continue to serve the English Mass community anymore. Fr. Herman lives in the remote Salesian center of Assel, and his impossibility to drive again means that he can’t move around easily anymore.

This news fills us with great sadness and sorrow. Fr. Herman has been contributing to our community for more than 10 years now. He helped create, structure and hold our community strong with his effort, dedication and friendship. He is a pillar of our community and we are grateful to him for his contributions on making our community the way it is today. We also wish him a speedy recovery, he’ll be in our prayers.

The English Mass Coordination team is organising a visit to Fr. Herman in the Salesian center of Assel together with anyone in the community who wish to join. More news about this topic will follow.

Fr. Huitink will take his place for now, celebrating Sunday mass and doing the pastoral care for the English community. Fr. Huitink declared that the pastoral care is his responsibility. He also expressed that he considered the English Mass Community as one of his priorities.

You can continue to send to us your pastoral care needs, through our email address: We will make them reach Fr. Huitink, or let you know where to find him.

The English Mass Coordination team