The Holy Jeanne d’Arc

JeannedArcNext Sunday October 25, 14:30 there will be once again an afternoon movie, this time about the Holy Jeanne d’Arc.

Her faith gave her a mission. Her king gave her an assignment. Her country was her army. She brought freedom for her people, until the people that had revered her destroyed her. A story about unconditional faith and boundless courage. The extraordinary story of a simple peasant’s daughter and the search that changed her into one of the most respected leaders of all time.

Mr. A.L. Cammenga, who has studied her life, will explain this movie and answer questions. Get inspired by this impressive story and come to this movie!

Where: Coffee room St. Augustine Church, Rozenstraat 1, Utrecht
When: Sunday October 25, 14:30
Speaker: Mr A.L. Cammenga